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Jaan, sign the papers, rajat must have read them. He is trustful.


But Maan.


Sshh, sign them. Trust me… if you like. He said sadly. Geet sighed grabbing the pen and signed the paper. Done, I signed them. Anything else? He smiles widely.Yes, I love you so much. Muuaahh. She smiles shaking her head. Bye, I have a meeting now.


Bye, love you.



Everyone in the meeting was shocked to see geet instead of Maan but after the meeting all were quiet sure she is Maan wife, seeing her more cold than Maan, more arrogant than him. She was strict to all. Wanting everything in time, everything perfect, the office should be quiet, no one seen her smile for a second. All were just praying for Maan to come back soon. At least he is better than her.



Finishing the meeting she made her way to the cabin where Maan was already sitting on his chair, seeing him her eyes shined, like she was missing him. Maan heart smiled seeing her, standing he hug her close kissing her head. How was the meeting? She look up at him, he smile kissing her lips. Good. But I’m worried about that papers, I didn’t read them. Moving away she says. How can you trust anyone? He giggle turning her and hug her from back geet, he is working here for long. He was sure about it. How can a trustee employee be wrong but geet, she can never trust anyone. He didn’t mind it. She was always like this, away from others, never trusting anyone else then him.


Come, let’s go. She frowned turning around. What? He smile, he have something to show her, something very special for her, the most important place in her life. The place which is very close to her heart. Not giving her a chance to talk he drag her out and made her sits on car. She continuously asks him where they are going. Maan, tell me.


You will see jaan. She sighed shaking her head and silently sat knowing if he decided not to tell then he will never say. She sat quietly looking outside but her mind went somewhere else. What have she thought and what have happened, she never have thought she will be back, back to her love, to her life, to Maan. And Khushi, how much she missed them, how much she wanted to have a single glimpse of them. She never thought Maan would change so much, somewhere she is missing the old naughty Maan. The Maan who always depend on her, always complain to her about everything. Their life was so perfect than. They were so much in peace. And she will make everything same now. She will bring that Maan back, but only keeping him responsible plus again the naughty one. she will again bring the life in him, and fulfill all his desires, but only when the time come, she can wait and she will, if she can wait for all the life craving for his love than why not for some more time. She has become expert now hiding her desires from him.


She chuckled remembering him always loosing himself in her, but she always move out. Because things should be in right orders and she will settle everything, give him the love he desires.


Her thoughts were disturbed when the car stopped, before she can see Maan came to her side closing her eyes with his hand. maan where are you taking me?



 Later jaan, first come out. He slowly makes her out from car making sure she won’t see anything. What is it? He didn’t reply but lead her forward taking small steps. She could hear many voices of people, like a crowded place. Just walk. He made her walk while hold her eyes with other hand. Promise me you won’t see until I say. He whispered in her ear. She sighed waving her hands on air. Fine. She could hear him giggling.






walking a little he hold both my hands, now, holding my fingers I felt him putting a very light thing in my fingers, I couldn’t recognize it, but I thing it is like a thread, slowly he move my hands up to some wall and tied that thread. I could only frown at his behavior. What is he doing? What is he trying to? What do you feel? He whispered making me shiver. How could I think when he is so close to me, in my arms? I d… don’t know. I couldn’t even speak by the proximate he was building in me. Come. He whispered again taking me somewhere. Now I could feel some cold breeze and there was silence. Where are we? I asked curiously. Ssshh, slowly. He whispered kissing my earlobe. Where are we? I asked again, but this time whispering softly you can see yourself. I felt him kissing my cheek holding me from back. I slowly open my eyes, it actually took time for me to adjust the view, and once I did than I saw the sight before me.


He smile seeing her shocked face, do you remember it? He asked looking forward. She looks ahead for some time and turn around to face him. He smiles removing a strand behind her ear. This place, you remember? He asked again as if she didn’t hear. She looks here and there and then looks at him. Shaking her head slowly she says. No… I don’t.





Precap: I felt the same pain you are feeling.





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