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Both went to door but Maan stopped and went to dining table picking the house. Its mine. He smile and turn but geet stop him. Your photo. He keeps that to her hand. It’s yours. With that he went out. Waving her bye.



It was another morning; geet was getting ready when her door bell ring, she frowned. No one comes to her house, being confuse she open the door a little only to find a smiling Maan. Maan? He smiled passing her and entered, she stood there looking at him curiously. He sat comfortably and turns to look at her. What? Don’t you want to go office? She starred at him as he is some alien. Maan smile, get ready geet, I don’t want to be late. She stood there for some time. You. You came to pick me? She asked with raised eyebrow, he just gave his usual smile to her going to kitchen he take a banana which was kept.


Starring at him she stood there for long time then finally sighed and went to her room. After changing she come out and saw Maan bringing coffee for her. She frowned looking at cup than to him. You made coffee? He smiles,why? Cant me? I am hungry, so thought to make for both of us. Showing his teeth he gave her a wide smile. Shaking her head she drinks the coffee hurriedly and both went to office. Geet somewhere didn’t like how Maan was coming close to her day by day, he is being so nice and comfortable. He should not, he has a life, and he shouldn’t waste it with her.





Geet was in Maan cabin drawing her drawing, Maan sometime steal glances of her and then look at his file. Suddenly they heard a coughing sound. Looking up Maan suddenly got up. Geet turn around and there was a big smile on her face. Maan was about to go to that person when he cone to geet and both hug each others. Hey, geet. How are you? She smiled happily hugging him who shocked Maan, she never have smiled like this ever before. Somewhere he becomes a little jealous.I am fine yash, how are you? I missed you so much. Yash smile caressing her head. You missed me? Than here I am. She smiles looking at him.


Maan didn’t like it, coughing he tried to gain attention. Yash turn to him and goes to him hugging him. Hey Maan how are you dude, Maan smile fine. Yash look at him who was not so happy for the first time seeing him, smirking he went to geet holding her waist only to see Maan blood shoted eyes. For some knowledge Maan, I know geet from too long, and I am the one who have got her job here. Maan frowned looking at them. What is he saying? And geet Maan is my saala, I mean his cousin sister is my wife. Haina Maan.


Geet smile looking both of them. You two talk, I will go and do my work. With that she takes her things and went to her cabin. Yash continuous to watch her from glass, Maan immediately close the blind. Yash look at him. What? She is married. Yash had to laugh at him.Oh Maan, seriously. I know that man. I know things better. She is like my little sister. Cool down. Maan still didn’t smile but look at him subspecialty. Yash smile again opening the blind.I know you want to know everything. That’s why I came. He sat in chair and gesture Maan to sit. Actually I met geet in hoshiyarpur. It’s a long story. For now, let’s say she is different right? He asked raising his eyebrow. Maan rolled his eyes with his usual teasing habit.


Naina want to meet you, she has some work with you.


I know what work di have, she must have searched a girl for me. He said annoyingly. Yash giggle, Maan and naina may be cousin sister but they truly love each other’s a lot.I will just say, pay a visit. It’s really important. Maan sighed and look at geet who was engrossed in her work. Yash smirked tapping the table, which jerk Maan. He looks down nervously. Yash whispered.  Maan, she is married. Saying so he laughs. You know her, right yash? He smiles looking at geet.Yea, I only know her. Maan sighed. Finally I got someone in this world to whom she knows. He look at yash frowning. Where is her husband yash, and her family? Why is she like this? What happened?


Yash giggle.If you want answers, than tomorrow come home. Saying so he stood up. Maan look at him shocked, yash will tell him. He glances at geet. He can do anything to know everything about geet. Yash saw him lost looking at geet. Well naina is really missing you. Maan smile,I know. I’m just busy. Will surely come tomorrow. He looks at geet. To know about geet. He turns to yash. I will surely come. Yash smile hugging him and went out.




Maan become lost whole day, he was not able to concentrate anything. He himself don’t knew why but he was feeling little nervous, his heartbeat was so fast. He was so scared that what will happen tomorrow, he will know everything about geet, her marriage. What if he fined out that she is happy with her husband? But it doesn’t look like. But what if she doesn’t want anyone in her life? He was scared. His destiny is based on geet now. He surely loves her beyond anything, and can’t loose her. But what if he looses her, or she will never be his?





It was 7 when Maan entre to geet cabin. Closing her file he looks at her. Geet look up at him surprised. Let’s go geet. Office is over today early. Neither has she nodded her head closing her files. Whole ride geet felt Maan quiet and lost for the first time they ever met.  Reaching home Maan too entered as usual without invitation. Well geet, I’m starving you know. He said sitting in sofa closing his eyes and resting his head little back. Geet giggle at him and went to kitchen to make something.


When she completes the dinner she calls Maan to dining table. He start eating in silence, why are you so quiet? He looks up at her suddenly and smiled after a little.Nothing, just thinking about something. He said eating his food. Geet, you seem to be very close to yash. Geet smile nodding her head. Yes, he was the one who always helped me, or say he always does. You know, he is like you, never asking before doing anything. He just made a spare key for him to come here. She giggles looking down. He never knocks on my door; just take the keys under doormat and open.


Oh, so that was made for yash. What are you thinking about whole day? Maan look only down. Just thinking what life will bring for me tomorrow. Geet frowned by his reply but he didn’t say anything else, so she didn’t ask for more. Both ate in silence.


After finishing Maan said bye to her and went out. He sighed resting his head back in car. Why is he having some weird feeling? I really can’t lose geet, I really can’t.





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  1. aman

    July 31, 2011 at 2:10 AM

    hey plz post all the stories


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