28 Jul




 Maan move forward wiping her tears and hug her but soon Khushi yelled, uuffhh, papa move, don’t crash me. This made both Maan and geet laugh; kissing her either cheek they went out to eat pizza today.




Next morning when geet open her eyes she found herself in Maan embrace. He was very lovingly holding her waist. She smiles moving her hand to his cheek. A smile which she always hide from him. A smile which was dying to come out. It’s really hard to control, but yet she is doing. She have many plans, she wants them to be special. She wants Maan to feel special when he sees this smile which she knows he is also dying to see. Her hand move to his cheek softly caressing it. She loves him, more than anything and somewhere she is starting to trust him again. Six months have passed after she came, she should also give Maan something. For that she is making some plans, some special plans.


Her smile washed off when she finds Maan stirring a little. He slowly opens his eyes to see his jaan looking at her with full love. Yet she didn’t say anything but he can see it, he can feel it. He was sure it will come out soon. Smiling he bring her close kissing her cheek and hide his face on her neck. She closed her eyes, feeling the moment. She is also wanting to love him, to open up to him, but no. she can’t. Not now. She has many plans for it. Moving back she kisses his forehead.I will wake Khushi. With that she goes to washroom. Maan lied there, how much more she will hold him and herself. He really wants to be very close to her again. But looks like geet couldn’t trust him.




Picking Khushi from school she makes her sit in her lap, trying to make her talk. So? What my baby did today? Khushi smile hugging her and keep her head on her chest.I’m so tired mama. But suddenly she looks up. You remember about the trip mama? Geet smile kissing her cheek. Yes baby, I know.


You will make papa agree Na? She asks making a cute pleading face. Geet smile, same look when Maan always makes. Of course I will. This made her very happy, kissing geet cheek she again keeps her head on her chest due to tiredness. Reaching home she takes her in her room. Let’s take a bath, than you can sleep for some time. While I will go to office. Changing her she laid her on bed and brushes her hair. Soon she dozed off. Geet kiss her forehead and cheek and went to her room to get ready.




Maan was checking the file when he heard the door open. A smile spread in his face seeing his jaan. Standing he hug her tight kissing her forehead. Ohh, I missed you so much.


Aah, Maan. Uufffhh. She moves away.I think you love to crash me and Khushi. She make a face, he giggle kissing her cheek forcely. Maaannn. She moaned rubbing her cheek. Yes my jaan. She shakes her head taking the files while Maan hug her from back. There is a meeting after an hour. Read it you will know everything. She nods her head reading carefully.I will go home for some time. He kisses her cheek. Yea, Khushi didn’t eat anything. She is sleeping.


There was knock on the door which make maan move. Sasha came in. she smile looking at geet. Sir woo, I need your sign. Maan takes the file and forward it to geet. Geet will be holding every work for some hours. She was engrossed in her work that she was not listening to them. Sasha look at geet and then to Maan. But sir, she just came. You want thing to be perfect. Maan chuckled. Don’t forget Sasha, I have learned from geet. She is the best. He kiss geet cheek which made Sasha embarrassed and she look down. Geet was too much lost that she didn’t even notice. Maan smile seeing her usual self being lost in something. He look at embarrass Sasha.


Don’t worry Sasha. My geet can never make any mistake. Sasha smile looking at them. Hmm. hopefully we will get a lovely boss for some hours. This made Maan giggle. He holds geet from back. Watch out, she is worse than me. Kissing geet cheek he made his way out leaving a shock Sasha behind. She gulped looking at geet.




Maan drop himself on bed, he feels really tired. Thanks to geet who will be handling things for sometime daily now. Suddenly he hears Khushi wimping sound. Opening his eyes he looks at door and finds Khushi rubbing her eyes and crying. Mamma. She came and sat in his lap. Mama will come later. She sniffs keeping her head on his shoulder. I’m hungry. He smile kissing her head and pick her up.




Geet just finished off the papers and was all ready with the meeting when there was a knock, maam, you have to sign these paper.


What paper are these?


Our new contract.


Ok keep them I will read and sign.


No maam, you have to sign now. She look at him, what do you mean Han? I said keep it and do as I say. She looks. At him curiously, he become nervous. It’s really important mama, you can call sir. Geet look at him in disgust, doesn’t he understand simple language? Rolling her eyes she grabs her phone dialing Maan number having no other choice. People here seem very stubborn.hey jaan.


Maan, here are some paper which… she look at him. What’s you name?


Jee, rajat.


Haan rajat bought some papers, he needs them signed now. But I didn’t read them yet. Maan smile. Jaan, sign the papers, rajat must have read them. He is trustful.


But Maan.


Sshh, sign them. Trust me…. if you like. He said sadly. Geet sighed grabbing the pen and signed the paper. Done, I signed them. Anything else? He smiles widely.Yes, I love you so much. Muahh. She smiles shaking her head. Bye, I have a meeting now.


Bye, love you.




Precap: NOTHING..

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One response to “LOVING LAMENTS

  1. Jyoti

    July 28, 2011 at 10:07 PM

    seems like u t on a roll…lol…
    loved the update…
    oh no…i hope maan doesnt become the old maan again…
    depending on geet..
    waiting for their holiday…


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