28 Jul



 Why what happened to her?He asked worriedly. She is taking too much time Maan. I hope she realizes soon. Maan smile keeping his hand on her shoulder.Don’t worry anjali, she won’t take long, I can feel the change in her. Anjali smile a little nodding her head.




Geet goes to office to drop the Tiffin in mohinder cabin. Ajay enters there smiling at her. Gudia I have a work for you. She smiles. Take this file and give it to Maan. He is in khurana construction. And yea, give it to Maan only ok. She excitedly takes the file. Ok bhai I will go now. Bye. Kissing his cheek she ran out excited to meet Maan.


Reaching his office she almost was running when she bumped to dev. hey sweaty, looking excited. She smiles widely. Yea, I have to give this file to Maan.


Oh, so give it to me, bro seems busy. He tries to take the file but geet snatch it frowning. No. I will only give it to Maan. She move and goes to Maan cabin. Dev stood there smirking. Taking his phone he dials a number. Hey, yup get ready. She is coming. Disconnecting the phone he looks up at geet and smile.


As geet entre the room she was shocked to see a girl hugging Maan and Maan was smiling at her. I love you I love you I love you so much. She says and then kisses his cheek leaving her lipstick mark. Geet stood there fuming, who is she? How dare she hug Maan and kiss him. She was blasting with fire, and she told him I love you? What the hell? she hate it, she feels suffocated seeing Maan being so close with someone, only she can be that close to him. He is allowed to be close to her only. Bus. Puffing she went and slam the file on table so hard that made both Maan and the girl jump.


Maan become surprised seeing geet but frowned seeing her eyes spitting fire. Ooppss, you came in wrong time miss, me and my Maan will talk and then he will work. What? My Maan? She wanted to just slap her so hard for saying this. How dare she? She looks at Maan and then her eyes fell on mark on his cheek which made her more furious. Maan become nervous seeing her anger only growing, he knows she would blast any moment now. Aah, radhika she is geet, I told you Na. he looks at geet. Geet she is radhika. My cousin. She just came from London. Radhika smile holding Maan arm. Hi geet. But geet didn’t answer, she look at the hold and give a glare to Maan and radhika while radhika suppressed a smile seeing her jealous face.


Suddenly entre, hey radhika you still here, come I will take you round the office. She nods and was about to go when she turn and kiss Maan another cheek. Geet gasped looking at her. Radhika and dev goes out leaving a fuming geet.


The moment they come out both laugh a loud. Oh my god dev, she is truly very cute, she was so jealous. Dev laugh. Yea, I hope bro is all well.  Thanx yar.


 Oh please, it’s my pleasure. Smiling both went. Inside geet was looking at the door furiously for some time. Turning she mumbles. Chipkali kahi ki. Going to Maan she gives him a glare he smile seeing her cute red face. He likes it that she is being possessive for him. Going to him she angrily wipes his cheek. She came from London, but it doesn’t mean she is allowed to do this. He smiles holding her waist bringing her close. Hmm, but please do slowly; you will pull my skin too. She glares him wiping other cheek this time very softly and slowly. Maan smile and start to cares her chin. Tell her, she is not allowed so close to you. She says moving her one hand on his shoulder while other still on his cheek, even the mark was all gone. He smiles softly kissing her cheek. Acha, but why? She glares him. Don’t ask reason. I said and it’s final. Stay away from her. Locking her arm around his neck she looks at his eyes and both become lost from the world. Your all mine, only my. She said looking at his; Maan missed a beat by her little possession. How much he wanted to hear those words from her. Kissing her forehead he bring her to his heart, his heart was thudding loud which amused geet, she smile looking up to him. He smiles kissing her cheek. I’m all yours. Both hug eachothers happily.




Precap: Maan trying to make geet understand the feelings



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