28 Jul




After some hour Maan open his eyes slowly fleeing geet trembling in her sleep. Looking at her he saw her mumbling something, going near her he listen her saying. Please don’t go, don’t leave me. Please. A tear escaped from corner of her eyes. He look at her with guilt eyes, he shouldn’t have left her knowing her condition. Bringing her close he rubs her arm. I’m here geet. I’m not going away. She holds him tight sniffing and brings her face to his neck. Soon he felt her heavy breath and knew she is sleeping now. Kissing her cheek he again closes his eyes. Promising himself to nit to leave her again.




Maan slowly open his eyes and a smile crept on his lips to find geet sleeping peacefully in his arm. Bringing her close he closely watches her, softly kissing her forehead than both eyes. She stirred a little, he smile and moves to her cheek kissing very softly and rubs his stubble on her soft cheek, he feels so good but geet tries to move. Smiling he move to her neck and kiss there moving his hand under her shirt. she open her eyes feeling his fingers playing on her body, he move up looking at her eyes both smile looking at each other’s. How much they missed each others. To be so close to each others.


Maan lean down and takes her lips in his mouth…. It was a long passionate one. There was an urge of feeling to get more & more. There was urge of feeling to melt in eachothers arm.  Geets hand move to his hair brushing them. Pulling them. Messaging his scalp feeling him.  While Maan got busy in stroking her bare waist. They wanted to separate for few second to take some deep breath but they didn’t like the idea to separate.  His hand expertly removes her clothes off along with his. Atlas having no choice both moves away and breathes heavily.  They laid there naked in one another arm. He. Give her soft and short kisses before thrushes her in one gentle stroke… Geet screamed maans name out.  She wanted that relaxing pleasure. His soft movement, yet pleasurable. He was hard, making most of it. Slowly Maan slowed as she wanted him to. Geet flowed along with his pleasure. Her wimp started to transfer in to moaning…. Screaming louder along with Maan as they started to hit their orgasm.


Maan lay on geets chest. Both sweating. Repeating twice took there all energy. After catching up with their breath Maan comes back to her lips. Kissing it gently… While geet spines her hand round his neck .I love you.


I love you too. Maan kisses her for head bringing her in his arm and both doze off.




the continuous ringing phone irritate geet and she open her eyes slowly, and move her hand at side table to find her phone, once found she pick it up. Hello. She said again closing her eyes. Bhabhi, Vicky here. Bhabhi can you please send bro in office. There is an important meeting. Geet yawned and check the time. Wow. Evening, they slept so much. Ok, I will wake him. Disconnecting the phone she turns around to sleeping Maan. Shaking him she calls out. Maan, wake up. He stirred turning around and give his back to her. Shaking her head she sits and goes to washroom.


after coming out she find Maan still sleeping, changing her cloths she make his all office things ready and keep the cloths on bed again waking him. Maan wake up. There is a meeting waiting for you. He opens his eyes. What meeting? She sits beside him kissing his cheek, brushing his hair back. Vicky called. There is an important meeting. He rubs his eyes, not in a mood to wake up. Moving he keep his head on her thigh. She continues to play with his hair while Maan move close to her belly inhaling her aroma. She giggles feeling ticklish and tries to move away but he hold her waist looking up at her with his sleepy eyes. She smile moving down and kiss his forehead. He smile again closing his eyes not wanting to move but still he have to go. Sighing he went to washroom.



Coming out he hurriedly got ready while calling Vicky and instructing him about important things. Geet button his shirt and put his tie.  He was about to go when geet hold him. Come here. Holding his hand she brings him to his dad photo. Standing beside him she says. Papa and I have full faith on you. Everything will be fine. Just be calm. Ok he smiles at her sweet gesture. Kissing her head he hugs her. I love you. Kissing her lips he made his way out.




Maan sat in his chair sighing. Still no hopes for the project. What should he do now? His mind was frustrated and only one person can calm him. Grabbing his phone he dialed the number. Hey my cutie. Her cheery voice automatically made him smile. Hey angel. Missing you mishti. There was a silence on other side. Maan frowned but suddenly he looks up only to find geet standing at door. My love missing me? Here I am. With that she goes to him and hugs him. He kisses her head.


I was also missing you, so I thought I should come. She looks up at him showing her dimples. He smiles kissing her lips, which soon become passionate. His mouth finds his way and revolves under. While his hands move to her slim waist bringing her more close. Geet lock her arm around his neck. Enjoying his lips and tongue. Soon becoming out of breath he moves away, both smile. Geet again kiss his lips and cheek. Why so worried? He smiles hugging her kissing her neck. His wife knows him better. Moving back she cups his face smiling. I told you Na, everything will be alright. He sighed looking down. Maan, don’t loose hope. I know everything will be ok. And you have faith in me Haina? He smiles looking at her eyes. Hmm. than be happy and love me. She giggles kissing his lips. He chuckled tightening his hold around her waist.


I will always love you. Don’t worry about that. Both smile but soon there was a knock which separate both. Vicky entered, seeing geet he smile widely. Wow bhabhi, you here.


Yea. Just like that.


Ahan, I cab see, it’s been only an hour bro left and you came. Wow what a couple. He laughs keeping his file on desk. Maan read the file and sign the paper. Ok bhabhi, need to go now. Meet you later. With that he goes out. The moment he goes Maan grabs geet bringing her in his embrace. She smiles moving her arm around his neck. Come home early ok. I am waiting. He smiles nodding his head. 




Precap: Maan threatening sameera.

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