27 Jul




Geet ran to a beach which is near their house, sitting in sand she hug her knees and cried, how stupid she is, she always has thought so wrong about herself. She is the most unlucky girl in the world. She sat there till evening crying hard.





she went home little late, after holding her tears she entered to find brij and mohinder talking about business, passing them she tries to escape from them and went where she always go whenever she misses her mom.  Standing at the door, she saw ajay sitting on bed reading a file while anjali setting his cloths in cupboard. Standing their she called out. Bhai. ajay and anjali look at her and smile, anjali turn again to her task but smile of ajay face faded seeing geet trembling and pouted lips, he sit straight looking at her, she ran and hug him sitting in his lap hiding her face in his neck, he could feel his skin getting wet. He knows whenever she does this she would be missing mom.


Hugging her he removes her hair to see her face. Gudiya. She cried a loud bringing all her emotions out. Anjali turn around when she listen her cry, she become worried by her change behavior. Sitting in bed she rubs her back look at ajay worriedly. He kisses her head. Bus geet, ssshh. He tries to console her. Anjali look at ajay and then to geet. kya hua geet, bol na. She didn’t reply but kept on sobbing. She looks at ajay who look at her and wisphere. Mom. Anjali straightway understood what happen. She must be missing her mother. Sitting beside ajay she brushes geet hair. Why are you crying geet, am I not here? Am I not like your mama? Geet look at the sniffing, anjali smile wiping her tears. You love me right? She nods her head. Than how are you away from mother love if I am here, as your mother, she smiles caressing her cheek. Ajay also smile kissing her head. See princess, we all love you so much. She looks both of both and smiles a little. Always remember geet, you are not motherless, if anyone says that, than say you have me. I am your mother. Am I not? She smiles hugging her.I love you bhabhi. Anjali smile, her tears come out overwhelmed by so much emotion. She never has seen geet crying so much. It hurt her badly to see her in this condition. Ajay wipe her tears shaking his head. She smiles looking at him. Moving back geet kiss her cheek.


You will always be with me Haina? She asked innocently. Why will I leave you? Anjali asked removing her hair from her face and wiping her face. You know many people love to live alone with their husband, that’s why I ask. Both ajay and anjali giggle hugging her.Hum apni gudia ko chor kar kabhi nahi jaayenge. She smiles widely kissing both of their cheek.




She comes to her room smiling, she feels very happy and light now. She was about to close the door when anjali come. She smiles moving a little; their geet saw Maan standing beside her. He caught up the reason behind her sudden leaving after a long time. He felt really guilty for saying so much even without realizing how much it will hurt her.


Geet smile seeing him. Anjali went out leaving both alone. Maan enter the room closing the door. Turning around he hold her hand making her sit on bed and kneeled down keeping his hand on her lap. I’m truly sorry geet; I was so much lost in my thought that…. he sighed looking down. Geet smile holding his chin making him look at her. It’s ok Maan. I’m alright now.


You are not angry with me? She giggles, why will I be angry on you? He smile sitting beside her on bed and take her in his arm kissing her head. She jeep her head on his shoulder holding his collar. He holds her cheek making her look up. She look at his eyes, his thumb cares her jaw softly. You know geet; there was nothing important for me after mom. I lived my life just according to her. He paused for her moment. But you know what; you have become so important in my life, that I can do anything for you. She smiled holding his waist, he lean down kissing her cheek than her jaw line. She closed her eyes feeling his soft lips, but her breath caught on her throat when she feels his breath on her lips. Her hand tightened and eyes tightly shut.


Maan was not able to hold his proximately, moving more close he wanted very badly to feel her soft lips, to taste them. But instead he keeps his lips on corner of her lips very very softly, nearly touching. Geet was unable to move from her place, she staid numb by his soft touch, she doesn’t want him to move away. But Maan move little away and kiss her chin. She smile turning red and hide her face in his neck. He smiles holding her.


There was knock on door which made both move away. Maan went and open the door only to see an angry glare on anjali face, he look down moving his finger on his hair. Geet came to them. Anjali turn to her and suddenly smile geet, change your cloths and come down. Dinner is ready. Saying this she hold Maan arm dragging him to her room. Entering there she looks at him furiously.


What were you doing in there? She asks firmly crossing her arm around her chest. Maan look here and there nervously. Anjali sighed, Maan just think if in spite of me ajay, bhaiya or papaji would have come, and you just locked the door.He looks up at her. Anjali, it’s not like that. You know me.


I know you Maan, but no one knows all this. What if they didn’t like it? Don’t make things complicated. I’m already so worried about geet.


Why what happened to her? He asked worriedly. She is taking too much time Maan. I hope she realizes soon. Maan smile keeping his hand on her shoulder. Don’t worry anjali, she won’t take long, I can feel the change in her. Anjali smile a little nodding her head.




Precap: jealous geet..

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  1. Jyoti

    July 27, 2011 at 11:14 AM

    love anjali….she truly is amazing….
    geet got her mom in her…

    J geet….wow…cant wait…
    continue soon…


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