26 Jul


Beta kya hua? She holds him tight. Please dad. I can’t see more, I really can’t. He moves her back wiping her tears. She looks down sniffing. Whole face becomes red. He cups her face making her look at him, but she still look down. I feel as. I’m nothing here, my being here doesn’t matter. They are really happy. Maan just wanted to find me and keep me beside him as always. I hoped I would live with Khushi, but she loves Maan more dad, I think somewhere she hates me to leave her. I. I. I really feel like a Stanger dad. He hugs her rubbing her back. His eyes become moist. He hates to see tears in her eyes.


After sometime he moves her back wiping her tears. Geet, listen to me baby. Don’t cry. She wipes her tears and look up to him. Have you told all this to Maan? She shook her head, how can she, she never have shared her feelings to him. Now can I ask why? He is your husband geet. You’re Maan. You should share your problems with him. She looks down. Maan have changed a lot geet and I’m quiet sure he loves you. But it time for you to change. Pausing for a moment he says. Open up yourself to Maan and Khushi. Khushi is a kid, she will play with a person who is like her. And Maan become like her, like a kid with her, so why nit you,

She fell in deep thought, dad is right somewhere. He smile patting her head and left her alone knowing she will understand other things. Geet sat their thinking all dad word. The whole morning went in this only.

It was lunch time when as usual Maan and Khushi were in room, geet who was making lunch but her mind was somewhere else, she was thinking all dad words. Does she really have to open herself to Maan? But how can she? She never did, there relation never needed any clarifications. They both love each others, but what is still left, why can’t she be sure that Maan is changed, why is she still unsecured.

Finishing the lunch she too went to her room seeing both, Khushi was playing with her doll while Maan was lying closing his eyes. Going to him she sat beside him brushing his hair. He open his eyes feeling her touch, smiling him again close his eyes. She sat their silently watching both of them. After sometime Maan frowned opening his eyes when he listen some sniffing sound. The moment he saw tears in geet eyes he become alert and sat in front of her, cupping her face he wipe her tears.

I don’t know what to do? I’m so confused, I’m really scared. She whispered slowly while crying, but she didn’t want Khushi to listen all this. Maan hug her rubbing her back saying her to calm down. Looking at Khushi he says.Khushi baby, can you plz go out for some time. Khushi who was playing look up at Maan and shook her head, she was not able to see geet as Maan back was blocking her. Baby, you’re a good girl right. Go, I need to talk to mama. Mumbling Khushi went out taking her doll.

Turning around at geet he says. Geet please don’t cry. Tell me what happened? Why are you so scared?

I. I feel so lovely Maan. Khushi and you are always away from me. She blurt out not able to keep it more to herself. Maan sat their trying to digest her words.Why do you feel like that? She didn’t reply but burry her face in his chest. Maan was confused by her sudden behavior. Thinking for long time he came to know the reason. Sighing he make her look at him.Are you saying this because I’m being away from you knew a days. She nods her head. Maan smile. Kissing her forehead and wipe her tears. Do you know something? You are my life jaan. And I am dying to be close to you, to make love to you. She turns bright red hiding her face in his chest. He giggles, yea, and I know you’re not ready for it yet. She looks up at him surprised. So I am trying to stay little away to control my feelings. She was shocked; he was avoiding her just because he didn’t want to be close to her knowing she won’t like it. Her Maan have become so understandable that he is compromising so much only for her.

Maan smiled keeping his hand on her cheek. I told you before geet, I can wait as long as you are with me. She look down in guilt, how can she even think like that? Looking up at him she asks. Why is Khushi so away from me now days?

Khushi can never be away from you geet. She is with you. it’s just you don’t talk so much, so that’s why she also thinks that you don’t like her being so much talkative.

She stayed in his arm for long time. I don’t want you to avoid me, she look up to him. I will come to office; and. and you won’t leave just like that to office. And, you have to be home early, and. you will not avoid me from now. He only smiled looking at her. He so much missed this demanding geet. she always use to demand, the same which she was before their marriage, no matter how much he will have to control but he will not and he can’t stay away from her after seeing her slowly being back to her usual self. He smiled happily praying that one day he should get his old geet back.

Geet find him lost in thought. Shaking him she calls. Maan. He looks down at her and smiled kissing her cheek bringing her in his lap.Hmm. so you want me close to you. Than don’t complain that you have two babies to control. she kiss his cheek and nuzzle her face in his neck, he close his eyes feeling her breath, bringing her close he put his hand under her shirt caressing her back, kissing her neck, she move back kissing his chin. I want my two babies to irritate me. Always. He smile and lean forward capturing her lips, she immediately open her mouth inviting him to feel her, while her hand went around his neck. He moves his hand to her hook, but suddenly stopped kissing her and moves his hand out. She didn’t move away from him. Both remain in eachothers embrace for long time when Khushi ran inside.

geet bring food in their room to have together, she was trying to spend her more time with them, dad was true, she have to open up herself more, she will now be with both of them no matter what. Smiling she enters her room keeping the tray. Maan and geet start eating, geet look at Khushi and again find her making face at her food, rolling her eyes she look up at Maan. Baby, why are you not eating? Khushi look up at Maan and turn to geet looking at her with her big eyes scared by her anger, turning to Maan she pout mumbling. I want pizza. Maan sighed looking at geet, she look both of them with raised eyebrow. Hmm, I don’t mind eating pizza today. Khushi gasped in excitement coming you feet lap hugging her tight. Yay, I love you mama. geet smile, but her tears didn’t help to come out, how can she think like that, they both love her so much, she is such a idiot to even doubt on their love.

Maan move forward wiping her tears and hug her but soon Khushi yelled, uuffhh, papa move, don’t crash me. This made both Maan and geet laugh; kissing her either cheek they went out to eat pizza today.


Precap: geet in office

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  1. Jyoti

    July 26, 2011 at 7:44 PM

    finally geet opened up…this was needed,,,..
    continue soon..


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