25 Jul




Mom again entre her room with meera. She was sitting looking out of window. Meera come to her keeping her hand on her shoulder. Bhabhi, let’s eat something. I want to eat with you today. But she didn’t reply or look at them. Mom sniffs seeing her in this condition. Say something geet, please. She cried cupping her face but geet eyes were still outside and there was no reaction on her face. Crying mom and meera went out.




It was midnight, geet was still sitting beside window, she was feeling very week and down but she didn’t care for it. The only thing which matter is Maan. She remembers all their lovely moments, how he cherishes her, love her, pamper her. How beautiful their life was, so happy. They were so happy, but suddenly things changed. Her life changed. Her Maan left her, forever. Now even she is losing hope. What will she do without him, without his sweet words, his embrace? How can she sleep without being in his arm? She never has slept without him. Her whole life only depends on him.


Lost in her mind she looks up at sky, tear again started to roll down. Please Maan come back to me. Closing her eyes she prayed silently. After a long time when she opens her eyes, the first thing which came in her vision was something which caught her breath. Maan was sitting in front of her. She dint blink once, what if he disappear? She was sure it is a dream. So she just kept looking at him without blinking once. Taking all her courage she raises her hand to touch him, she is dying to feel him, but on the other hand scared. What if he disappears and I will leave alone again. Very slowly she move her finger near his cheek but not touching them, he didn’t react or move. Gulping down she put her finger tip on his cheek and gasped loudly.


Maan. She whispered hugging him tight as possible and starts crying hard. He us here, he came back, he came to her. He holds her bringing her close to him kissing her hair. He missed her, he might have left her but his soul was with her and that’s why she is able to live till now. He only knows how much he missed his mishti. She cried wetting his shirt and hides her face in his chest. I’m sorry… really… Sorry… I… won’t say… that again… she said in-between her sobs. He put his hand on her cheek pulling her face to look at him. She looks at his eyes with her trembling lips and face full of tears.Don’t… leave me… please… I can’t live… without you. He wipes her tears, kissing her eyes and cares her cheek with his thumb. He could feel her week and cold body, holding her tight he brings her to his lap kissing her cheek. She was still looking at his eyes keeping her head on his shoulder now. He cares her jaw slowly which slowly calm her and her sobs stopped after a long time.



If you can’t live without me for two days, than how can you expect me to live away from you forever? She looks down holding his shirt. I’m sorry. She mumbled.Promise me, you won’t say that again. She looks up at him, putting her hand on his cheek she says. I promise, I won’t say it. He smiles a little warmly kissing her lips. Moving back she says.You also promise, you won’t leave me again like that. He nods his head kissing her forehead.I’m sorry too. She hides her face in his neck kissing there.




They remained like this for an hour, where were you? He looks down at her, farmhouse.


Why didn’t you pick my phone? He looks at her as asking, don’t you know? She looks down. I’m sorry Maan. He put his hand on her cheek making her face him. You know we promised to be there for each others, forever. You hided so many things from me. He sighed kissing her forehead. I’m sorry my mishti, but nothing is important t me before you.


I was so scared, when you didn’t come. I thought you really left me.


How can I leave my mishti? She smiles kissing his lips. I want to forget everything. He smiles. Anything for you. Moving close he kiss her, with full love, she kiss him back. Both missed each other’s a lot and took all out in that one kiss making it the most passionate kiss. Moving away she smiles happily looking at him while he wipes her lips. Hmm, why my mishti lips are so hungry? She blushes hiding her face in his chest hitting there lightly, he giggle softly kissing her hair. I love you. Sitting the she played with his button while he with her hair. Both were tired and sleepless but Maan knew geet wouldn’t have eaten anything. Moving her little back he says. Wait here, I will bring something for you to eat. She holds him tight hearing him leaving her. I won’t leave you. She said stubbornly holding his waist tight. He sighed. Ok fine, just change your cloths, we will go together down ok. She look at him nit sure whether to leave him for a second or nit. But he promised he will not leave her hugging him again for some time, finally she goes to change in her short and track while Maan change in room.


Both made their way down, geet didn’t leave him. Holding his waist she kept herself close to him. Maan saw some toast and juice, so he just grab them taking a jam and take geet with him to living room. she sat in front of him while both feed each other’s lovingly, finishing the food she immediately come close to him keeping her head on his chest, holding his waist and pull up her knee bringing herself fully on him. He cares her cheek ever so lovely, she looks at his face but Maan slowly felt her eyes closing. Kissing them he continuous to cares her cheek with his thumb.





Vicky was unable to sleep when so much was happening in their house. he wanted to see geet one more time, as he was pacing he saw two people in living room, frowning he goes close and find Maan sitting there with geet in his arm, she was finally sleeping peacefully, and he was watching her with love full eyes. Grinning Vicky ran to them. Bro you came. He yelled a loud. Maan look at him. Ssshh. he indicate him to slow down. Vicky smile and sat beside geet.You came bro. I’m so happy. He whispered slowly. Maan smiled and look down at geet.


Vicky become so relax after seeing him. Finally now everything will be alright. He looks at geet, who finally is sleeping after two whole days. His eyes went to the tray and he knew his brother will never let geet sleep without eating. Finally they both are together.


She really missed you bro. you shouldn’t have left her. Maan look down at geet, she said things which made…


But it doesn’t mean you can leave her. Vicky interrupts him. I only know bro what she went through these days, you know she is not well but still. Maan look at Vicky surprised. He never raised his voice in front of him. It is the first time he is seeing Vicky talking to him firmly. He smiles at him. Hmm, geet ke chamche. Both giggle softly. You can call me whatever you want. But don’t do this again with my bhabhi. Maan smile at his possessive brother toward geet. He is the only person to whom faith he left geet. Knowing he will truly take care of her. Vicky smile looking at geet and sighed.  Now I can too sleep peacefully. Bye bro. he smile standing up but stood looking down at geet. Bending down he gently kiss he forehead. Bye bhabhi. Smiling he whispered softly and went to his room. Happy to see geet with her life.


Maan smiled seeing his little brother always worried about geet, the day geet came, he always have loved her like his mother or big sister. He changed so much, looking down his kiss geet nose, his angel, who changed everything in their life. she gave a new life to Annie, Vicky who never was seemed in house now always revolve around geet, she is truly an angel who brought so much happiness in all their life but she herself always suffer so much pain. Taking her in his arm he makes his way to their room and laid her on bed lying beside her. She comes close to him. Holding her waist he too closes his eyes to finally sleep after these two most dreadful days of their life. But before that he promised himself to keep geet happier than before, to keep her away from all evil eyes, he won’t leave sameera for what she did to both of them. That little witch has to pay for it. Kissing geet forehead he sleep bringing her in his arm. Finally both slept in each other’s arm.



After some hour Maan open his eyes slowly fleeing geet trembling in her sleep. Looking at her he saw her mumbling something, going near her he listen her saying.Please don’t go, don’t leave me. Please. A tear escaped from corner of her eyes. He look at her with guilt eyes, he shouldn’t have left her knowing her condition. Bringing her close he rubs her arm. I’m here geet. I’m not going away. She holds him tight sniffing and brings her face to his neck. Soon he felt her heavy breath and knew she is sleeping now. Kissing her cheek he again closes his eyes. Promising himself to nit to leave her again.





Precap: a new morning, a new start.





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