24 Jul




He continuous to look at her, no matter what I have to find this mystery and I will geet, I won’t let you suffer anymore. Whatever I said about the house is meant for you, you are very precious for me. And I will always keep you safe. I promise you.




They sat there sipping there coffee. Maan was watching the house and geet sad face; he was desperate to know everything about her now. He won’t let her keep things in herself more. Sighing he ask her. Geet, can you tell me why your all painting and sketch are like this? He passes the painting to her, she curiously look at them and look up to him. What’s wrong in them?


No, nothing wrong. But I just felt like, hmm. Why you make such picture, I mean why you don’t make happy and smiling kind of picture. She smile making circle on her cup. For that I should know that feelings. She looks up to him. I don’t know what happiness is, what it feel like. I don’t know the meaning of life, love, smile, happiness, fragrance. She become quiet looking down. He look at her sad face, his heart twist seeing her so sad. Keeping his hand on her shoulder he tries to make her feel little well. To make happy painting, once should have such feelings. They sat in a silence for long time.


After a long time she speak up. Was the person in office your brother? He look at him not sure what should he say, he himself was ashamed of his act. Yes. He quietly said looking down. She smile, you both are so different. He is not like you. The word caught his attention. Looking up to her he smirked raising his eyebrow. Than how I am? She was the one who said all are same.


She smiles looking him. Coffee. She said and sips her coffee. He chuckled. Must say geet, you are master in changing topics. She giggle softly which made Maan lost at her again, he saw he this sight for the first time till their meetings.  He smiled happily.He is my step brother; my father married my step mom three years back. So dev and mom live with me. Mama died five years ago while dad two years. He smiled looking up to her shock face. But I’m happy, because they both live their own life, the only thing which disturb me is my mom searching a girl, or should say a lottery ticket for me. She looks at him in great concentration for sometime and then finally smiles.


Can I draw you? He looks at her with knotted eyebrow. Me?  She smile taking a paper and pencil. Yea. I won’t take long. With that she starts drawing. He only admires her being lost in her sketch. After like 5 minutes she looks up showing him his own sketch. He takes it shock by her beautiful work. Wow, you made it so fast. I mean you didn’t even look up to me once. How did you? She giggles.Yea, because when something is already is very close in your heart you don’t have to see that. He looks at her shocked. Am I close? I mean very close to your heart? She looks at him dumbstruck. She doesn’t know why she said that but the word just slip from her mouth. He smiles seeing her turning in deep pink twisting her own fingers.


Both sat with each others, it was almost 2 am, but Maan didn’t leave and geet told him to. She didn’t talk a lot, it was only Maan who ask her question but she only answers few. Geet, why do you keep yourself away from others? She didn’t reply. He sighed, c’mon, geet please tell me. We are friends. And you can’t avoid these things all the while.


She quietly stood and went to window, he look at her back curiously waiting for her to at least reply some of his question. After a long pause she finally spoke. Do you find me beautiful? He walks beside her. Of course you are, even I never told you but you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.



That’s what I hate, I hate my beauty. Its worst part of me. People get attracted by it; I am always noticed by them and what happened today almost happen to me everywhere I go.


He only looks at her not knowing what to say.  he feel ashamed that he is also one of all who have always thought and dreamt to be close to her, who was first also attracted by her beauty. Geet turn to him finding him lost. But you know, you are different. You never have forced me like others. And today I really trust you. She gives him her warm smile which shrugs all his stupid thoughts and smile with her.


Suddenly both were disturb by his phone ringing, hello. His expression changed to frustration listening to the other voice. Yea mom I’m coming. Hanging the phone he shakes his head. His mom would wait for him till morning, of course she will, there is an explanation he have to make, for throwing his son out today from. Office. Looking up at geet he says.I have to go now. She smiles nodding her head.


Both went to door but Maan stopped and went to dining table picking the house. Its mine. He smile and turn but geet stop him. Your photo. He keeps that to her hand. It’s yours. With that he went out. Waving her bye.





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