23 Jul




From above anjali were looking both of them from balcony. She smiles seeing both of them. She should speak to geet; she is taking so much time now. They should reveal their hidden feelings to each others. Maan is waiting but she want geet to tell him for what he is longing so much. His eyes always search for answer looking at geet and anjali can feel it. She was too in love with ajay so she knows this feeling and the longing of Maan. Though her and ajay relation was little different. They have got married without any barriers. But the time geet is taking it is making Maan desperate. She doesn’t want any barriers in their relations too. And for that she should speak to geet.



It was fine Sunday when geet made her way to khurana mansion. No one was there so she quietly went to Maan room. That’s where she stays all her Sunday. Entering the room she finds it empty,where is he? She hears the shower sound and smiled. Hmm taking shower. Without thinking she went to his cupboard knowing he would come out with his jeans and towel only. She sighed and selected a light blue shirt for him. God knows why he doesn’t wear his full cloths in there. Keeping the shirt on bed she too sat resting on bed rest.


But something didn’t felt right. Frowning she look down at pillow. Removing it she found a diary. My personal diary. Smiling mischeifly she looks up to check if he is not out then open the diary. The moment she open it she got lost in it. Even forgot the time and the place where she is.


Maan came out wiping his hair with towel, seeing geet he smile but soon his smile faded seeing the diary in her hand. Geet. He yelled which shook her. Suddenly looking up to him at first she was angry for his sudden angry and then got scared herself seeing his look and his personal diary. She smiles nervously. Hi Maan. He glared at her and ran to grab to diary but she hide it behind her. Geet give it to me. Now. She laughs shaking her head. Nop. I won’t. He came forward and tried to grab it but she held it tight. Both struggle, Maan was almost hugging her twisting her hand behind and she laugh trying hard to not to give. Geet give that back. He move more close on her but she push him hard and tried to run but he hold her wrist and in between she fell on bed Maan fell on her. Still holding her on hand and diary was on her other hand.


Both become lost by the proximately between them. Geet felt shiver feeling his bare upper body, his chest pressing hers, breath on her face. She starts breathing hard. Maan saw her affect on him and smirked. So you won’t give it? She was finding it difficult to even utter a word. His mischief look and body was killing her and making her so week. Slowly moving close he buried his face on her neck, she gasped closing her eyes, he nuzzles her neck inhaling her aroma which took her breathes. Drinking her saliva she starts breathing hard. Maan. A moan came from her mouth which makes him more lost in her.


Rubbing his nose on her neck he moves his other hand to her waist. She was breathing really fast by his touch. Slowly moving away he look at her face, her eyes were closed. He smiled and softly kisses her eye which made her open them slowly. Looking at his eyes her breath slowly becomes normal. Moving close he kiss her cheek and jaw. You shouldn’t have seen that. He again looks at her, she smile a little. But I have. He smile but soon his eyes saw his shirt on bed. Getting up he grab the shirt wearing it.


Geet sat straightening her cloths. Maan wear his shirt and sat besides her taking the diary. So you write stories. He chuckled opening the diary. Geet, I don’t write stories, I write novels. She smile coming close to him. You write so nice, well must say. I never knew Maan Singh khurana is that much romantic. He looks up to her with raised eyebrow. Really? Embarrassed by her own words she lookdown blushing hard while Maan smile seeing her so much effected. Ahem. I. ah. WO. Why you hide them. He smiles keeping his head on her lap. Because when I was 14 years old and I used to write stories. I always used to tell mom that I love to become a writer. But she didn’t like it. She wanted me to help dad in business. Be his support, his strength. So. I just did what she dreamt of me. Geet look at him surprised, he left his dream just because of his mom. She becomes lost while brushing his hair. Maan look above to find her lost. What are you thinking? She looks at him and shrugs her shoulder. I’m just thinking. He sat in front of her. What?


I don’t know why you left your biggest dream. You joined business which you don’t even like. You should have made mom convinced about your dream.


He smiles holding her hand. Because mom happiness is my happiness, I can do anything for her. She is the most important for me geet. She have given me so much love, she have many dreams for me. And it makes me happy to make her happy. I am writing as much as I want. What’s the difference if I can’t show it to anyone? If that’s makes mom happy than let it be like that.


She looks at him understanding the depth of his words. You love your mom so much. He smiles nodding his head. Everyone love their mom geet, mom is someone really special in everyone life. She is a best friend, a guardian, a teacher, sometime stick, sometime really lovable. She is the most important part of everyone’s life.


He said without realizing all these made geet feel so low, so unlucky. She didn’t like what he said. She hates it. She thought she has everything but just now she realized she doesn’t have anything. The most special thing in life. She doesn’t have it. She doesn’t have a mom. A best friend, a guardian, a teacher. That’s the reason she doesn’t know anything, she doesn’t understand anything in first go, she never understand any feeling so easily. She never was taught; she never had anyone to share her personal feelings. She never had someone to teach her things. To let her know how to talk to others, she never got a chance to be scolded by her mother.


Looking down sadly she tried hard to hide her tears. Maan noticed her being quiet. Geet, what happened? Why you are so quiet? She looks up blinking her eyes and smiled forcedly. Aah, nothing. I just forgot I have to go somewhere. Will see you later. Without wasting any time she ran out. Maan sat there confused by her sudden change of behavior. Than shrug it off hiding his diary.


Geet ran to a beach which is near their house, sitting in sand she hug her knees and cried, how stupid she is, she always has thought so wrong about herself. She is the most unlucky girl in the world. She sat there till evening crying hard.


Precap: sady sady geet.
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