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 After sometime they hear a voice. Papa. Both turn to find Khushi sitting and looking at both of them frowning. Are you both crying? Maan bring her in his lap kissing her cheek.No baby. It’s just like that. She turn toward geet, she have never seen her crying. You made mama cry. Geet smile at her wiping her tears. No honey, it’s me who made papa cry. Maan shake his head wiping her tears. She moves forward keeping her head in his chest and Khushi on other side. He kisses both of their head.



Geet was dressing Khushi while she was continuously chattering. Mama, kal school function hai. aap ko aana hai. She smiles. Yea baby, I and papa will come. Khushi pout her lips. Papa never comes. Geet frowned grabbing the comb. Why? Khushi give her back so geet could comb her hair. He is always busy mama, always in work. Geet comb her hair but suddenly Maan voice came. GEET. He yelled from their room. She turns around. Aayi. Leaving Khushi hair she ran to their room. Where Maan was searching something with his towel around his neck. Maan, you are not ready yet? He looks at her and says. Geet where is the file which I kept here?


It’s there Maan.


No its not. She goes and takes his file. Here. He takes the file and checks it. She takes his shirt and tie out keeping them on bed. She wanted to talk to him about Khushi function. Maan.


Han geet, Khushi will go with driver today. I have to rush in office. Today the new project will start. He said hurriedly and wears his cloths in a hurry. Geet look at his hurry form. the lazy man is in no hurry, he always fight with Khushi to get ready by geet and now in so much hurry that not giving her a second look.


Maan got ready and ran out which bring geet out of her thoughts. She ran after him. Maan at least eat your breakfast. He didn’t stop. No, I have to go. Turning he hug her kissing her lips. Bye will be late in night. You don’t need to come to office. With that he went out.


She stood there looking at his running form. Mom came to her. Geet. She turn around and looking at her. Mom understood everything and smile. Don’t worry beta, he always is like this.


But I have never seen him in so much hurry mom, he didn’t even drop Khushi.


Yea, because he was not having any project in these months. Whenever he gets any new project he just forgets everything.


Mama. Khushi yelled from behind with her incomplete hair. Geet just forgot about her. Going to her she hurriedly Make her ready. Today, mama will drop you. She drop Khushi at school and return home.


Whole day was past he didn’t called, geet was now really worried. He didn’t ate anything from morning, he would always call her thousand time in a day but now not a single ring. Is he again going away from her?  The day went like that. Maan return really late at night and slept beside her due to tiredness.


The whole month went like that. He didn’t made-up for Khushi function. Geet didn’t even have time to talk to him. She would only see him in morning when he would be sleeping.




She sat in her room thinking deeply. Everything changed. The thing she was afraid of. Maan again is busy in his life. In his work. He talks to Khushi for sometime or rarely but he is not getting time to talk to me. He even told me to not to come to office. He is again going away from her. Sundays will go with him and Khushi. Looks like he forgot about me. A tear escape from her eyes. He was so changed when he brought me, so loving and caring toward me. But now he is the same Maan who was when I married to him. Is he fed up with me? Does he really forgetting me? She sniffs lying down hiding her face in pillow. Why did you bring me Maan if you really like to spend your life without me? It looks like I’m almost lost for you. I don’t want to see this all. I was afraid of these days and here they are. She again is left far behind in his life. He is again taking her lightly. She cried whole night and slept there. Maan came late, changing his cloths he laid beside her.




It was Sunday. When she wakeup with a heavy headache, all these thinking and stress making her feel exhausted. Slowly opening her eyes she fined herself alone in her room. As always he would be with Khushi. She went to washroom; take a bath and goes down. All were sitting in hall. Maan and Khushi who always use to wait for her now days are finishing their breakfast before her. With heavy heart she sat alone in dining table, which has become a routine for her in this month to eat alone. Her eyes burned with tears feeling again lonely in so many people. Sniffing she wipe her tears and went to her room leaving the breakfast untouched.


Dad noticed her leaving form. Sitting in her bed she takes Maan and Khushi photo. That’s what left for her. Caressing the photo she remembers all moment when these two people were always around her. Not leaving any chance to irritate her, to be close to her. Always kissing her, but nothing is happening now days. Khushi is just behaving like Maan. She would go to school, after coming she will stay in her room playing with her toys. She talks with her a little.


Geet. Looking above she saw dad standing beside her. Keeping the frame she look up to him and tried hard to smile, but couldn’t. Dad sat in front of her. He could read her eyes, she is lost now a days. He is not seeing them all together from long. She is always away from Khushi and Maan. He knows her habit. She always will stay away from people if they show little harshness to her. No one can know her as he know; he is more than a dad to her. Caressing her hair he asks softly. What’s wrong baby? He always knows something is troubling her only by looking at her eyes. And there are so much there now.


Not able to control herself. She hugs him crying hard. Dad is the person to whom she always shares her heart.I want to go away dad, I don’t want to stay here, please dad please, and let me go. I don’t want to be here anymore. He holds her tight, not able to speak a word listening to her. It’s the same voice which was once she married to Maan and he always avoided her. His throat went dry. Her tears didn’t stop. The tears which she hided for many years, from so long. She can’t hide them now. Her dad arm couldn’t atop them. Beta kya hua? She holds him tight. Please dad. I can’t see more, I really can’t. He moves her back wiping her tears. She looks down sniffing. Whole face becomes red. He cups her face making her look at him, but she still look down. I feel as. I’m nothing here, my being here doesn’t matter. They are really happy. Maan just wanted to find me and keep me beside him as always. I hoped I would live with Khushi, but she loves Maan more dad, I think somewhere she hates me to leave her. I. I. I really feel like a Stanger dad. He hugs her rubbing her back. His eyes become moist. He hates to see tears in her eyes.






Precap: some clarification

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3 responses to “LOVING LAMENTS


    July 22, 2011 at 12:07 PM


  2. mishtykhurana

    July 22, 2011 at 12:39 PM

    sad sad update…
    tears in my eyes

  3. Jyoti

    July 22, 2011 at 2:05 PM

    nice part…
    but i guess geet is like that….
    even she has to understand sometimes….this is not what she left behind…things have changed…
    maan became what she wanted him to be…responsible…
    but again she is feeling alone…
    continue soon…


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