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She looks down in guilt and pain. She didn’t know about her progress. She was angry on herself and spit out whatever came in her mouth.




She lied whole night crying. Her life is stopped, Maan not returning back. She tried many times his cell but he is not picking it. Trying one more time she called his number, but still the same. Where are you Maan, her heart only cried calling him. She needs him, only him. What happened with their life? Their happiness. Everything is snatched, everything is finished. She lost Maan, his warmth, how can she call him back. Just once, once she wants to talk to him.


She didn’t slept whole night waiting for him, maybe he will come any moment, he can’t stay away from her, he will never. But he said he will. He said he is going away from me, did he left me, will he ever return back to me? Will I ever get a chance to see him? Her tears didn’t stop for a second. She wants him, at any cost but she wants him with her.


Next morning, nothing changed, she still was lying there still crying. Vicky entre her room with the tray and find her still crying. Going to her he gently touch her shoulder, she didn’t reply but hide her face in pillow sobbing softly. Bhabhi, eat something. You didn’t eat anything from yesterday. She shook her head stubbornly. He holds her shoulder making her sit. But she didn’t look up. Vicky wipes her tears which were nowhere to stop. She sniffs hugging him wetting his shirt. I want him Vicky, please bring him back. I need him. I. I can’t live without him. Vicky holds her rubbing her arm. Bro will come bhabhi, he also can’t stay away from you.


No. he said. He said, he will leave me.


No bhabhi, he can’t… he must be angry.


He is not picking my phone. Vicky didn’t know what he should say; she is nowhere to listen; only Maan can handle her.Bhabhi eat something. She again shook her head sobbing. He moves her back cupping her face. I will call bro and tell him to come back, but first eat your breakfast.


I can’t eat anything without him. He sighed looking down. Ok fine, but at least have juice and your medicine. Than only will I call bro. she look at him with her tearful eyes, he is angry with her but he will surely pick Vicky phone. Looking down she take the glass and medicine. Putting them in mouth she just drinks a little juice and kept it again looking at Vicky with her innocent eyes. He smiled caressing her hair.


Grabbing his phone Vicky dialed Maan number hoping he would pick it. The expected look in geet eyes made him nervous. The ring goes but he was not picking his phone. Looking forward she saw geet looking at him curiously. The line got cut. He slowly put the phone down from his ear avoiding geet look and question. But she understood, looking down she again start sobbing. Vicky was unable to see her in this condition. Taking the tray he went out.


Coming out he keeps the tray on table and sat on sofa sighing. Mom came to him. Kuch hua, kuch khaya usne? He only shakes his head keeping his hand on his head. I don’t know where bro is? Mom bhabhi is in her worst condition. I really can’t see her like this. Meera sat beside him keeping her hand on his shoulder. What is this all happening? Bhai and bhabhi were not like this, they loved each other’s when we came before. Vicky looks at her. They don’t love meera, they love each others. And if you care than please say your di to stay away from them. Meera frowned by his words, but Vicky told her everything about geet, her health, and their fight.


They are already going through so much meera, but sameera have to tell bhabhi everything which did all this. When bhabhi needs bro the most he is not with him. Bhabhi is making her responsible for all this. We. We don’t know where bro is? When he will come? Or never. Meera look at him shocked. Meera, if my bhabhi and bro become separate than I swear I wont spare your sister. With that he stormed off. Meera look at him in shock. Di did. All this. Why is she doing it?


All the day was quite in mansion. Vicky was continuously trying Maan phone and searching for him but he was not to be found. Geet was nowhere to listen any one. She just sat in her room crying.


Mom and Vicky enters her room in night, she didn’t touch anything to eat. Entering the room they saw her sitting beside bed keeping her head on bed and hugging Maan shirt, still crying. Mom and Vicky pass a worried look and sat beside her. Mom keeps her hand on geet head. Geet beta, don’t cry, eats something. She didn’t reply or look at them. Mom eyes become moist seeing her in this condition. Look geet, I made your favorite Chinese rice. You love it Na. but she kept crying keeping the shirt close to her heart. Bhabhi, say something please. They tried more to talk to her but she just ignored and kept crying. Mom and Vicky went out in tears seeing her.


Whole night she staid like that not blinking once, that she will fell asleep, what if Maan comes? Next morning was also the same, but only the difference was the tears stopped flowing and geet stopped uttering a word, she just sits beside window looking out as if searching something. All tried hard to make her react or talk but she don’t even look at them. Everyone was super tensed by her health and Maan.


Mom again entre her room with meera. She was sitting looking out of window. Meera come to her keeping her hand on her shoulder. Bhabhi, let’s eat something. I want to eat with you today. But she didn’t reply or look at them. Mom sniffs seeing her in this condition. Say something geet, please. She cried cupping her face but geet eyes were still outside and there was no reaction on her face. Crying mom and meera went out.




Precap: A TWIST…  

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One response to “FOREVER WITH YOU

  1. Jyoti

    July 21, 2011 at 1:09 PM

    geet is in so much pain…
    nobody can do anything…
    only maan can make her pain go away…
    but where is he??
    twist?? ab kya hone wala hai…
    continue soon…


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