20 Jul






Opening the door she got in, Maan was about to enter in when he felt something hard under his foot. Looking down he see a door mate, kneeling down he remove it a little only to find a key. Hmm, so she hides spare hey. Picking it up the smile and put it in his pocket. Well got something good even before entering. Smiling proudly he entre inside.




When he entered he was mesmerized, the house was decorated so beautiful, small things but made and kept so beautifully. No matter she is a great designer. She turns back to him. I will change, you please sit. She guide him to sofa while entre her room. He look around at the house, there is no photo of her, or any family member or her so called husband. There were many beautiful painting in the wall. His eyes went to a small two chair dining table; it has some hand made things in it and many papers. Picking them he sees her painting. In one she painted a girl sitting in a dessert area alone, with her knees up to her chest and face cover in them. Another page was a vase but there was nit flower, all were shattered down, and died. Turning to another page he see the ground filled with lava and a hand is shown coming out of it. He sees down written.


Life is pain. He becomes confuse by her choice of drawing. Why all her painting is so sad. Looking up at wall he noticed there are also paintings like this only. Not a one painting which make you smile. Standing up the move other side where was a small table, there were also some of her work. Removing them he sees a box, opening it there was some of her certificates, they were of four years ago. She didn’t show them to him while coming to job, picking them he sees all were her sketching or painting certificates. He was about to put them again when his eyes fell on passport. Knotting his eyebrow he picks it up and opens it.


He smile seeing her photo, she seems to be in 18 in the photo. He was about to look down when he heard a noise of door. Turning around he got a big shock of his life.


The most innocent geet is standing in front of him in a very different avatar;


he continues to look at her with his open mouth which made geet uncomfortable. I will make coffee for you. She went to kitchen; he stood there looking at her from outside. Is this her real form, than why she wear sari? This girl’s mystery never comes out. Sighing frustratingly at his confused brain he went behind her. You look nice in this dress. She smiles. I always wear them when I’m alone in home, I don’t like to wear them out.  Oh, so that’s the reason. Smiling he went to dining table waiting for his coffee.


he saw there a small house made by her with match stick, it stood up with the help of some thick made matchstick, in front of the house he see a little sticker, click. Clicking it, the whole house fell down, and broke in many pieces. He looks at it for some time and then looks above to find geet sitting besides her keeping their coffee. Don’t worry, it’s not broken. She picks all the pieces and joints them again. He was amazed by her thoughts and ideas. Wow.


This whole house will be shattered by one mistake. See. He see her eyes, she mean the words, the whole house depend on this small stick, you pull it lightly and. the house again fell. Maan wanted to change her mind from this, he was sure she is really meaning the word to her life. Did she make any mistake? She was talking about the house like it was her life and shattered. How long you’re living here? He asks sipping his coffee. From three years. He looks at her surprised. She lives here, alone from three years. Where is her family? What happened to her husband? He even can’t ask her knowing she will give her silent treatment.


You have decorated your house really nicely. I’m impressed. She smiles drinking her coffee. Next time my parties will be organized by you. Neither she nor her head and was about to push the stick of house again when Maan hold her hand. She shivered by his touch and look up to him. He could feel her burning cheek turning light pink with his touch.


I won’t let you to shatter it again. She looks at him. He slowly move his thumb on her skin, she tries to move her hand back but he firm his hold. From now on, your precious thing will remain with me, it belong to me now. You can’t harm it. She looks down, he looses his hold by which she moves her hand and bring her to her lap.


He continuous to look at her, no matter what I have to find this mystery and I will geet, I won’t let you suffer anymore. Whatever I said about the house is meant for you, you are very precious for me. And I will always keep you safe. I promise you.




Precap: night didn’t finish yet.

So hold on a little more.

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Posted by on July 20, 2011 in ~TAMANNA~


One response to “TAMANNA

  1. Jyoti

    July 20, 2011 at 1:03 PM

    she is hiding something…
    wherever u look…there is pain..loss…one mistake…
    loving this mystery…
    continue soon..


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