19 Jul






Maan smile again opening his file. We will again meet on Sunday only.


Yea. It was so nice there. Maan noticed her voice lazy. Geet you sleep for some time. We will talk later. She was not having any power to argue so just did what he says. Hanging the phone she slept again.





Geet was sitting in the kitchen table eating apple while anjali making something for her. Mohinder came there. Anjali, we will be late today night. You and geet eat your dinner. Anjali turn around. Ok papaji, you go. He smile patting her head and kiss geet forehead. When he left brij came kissing her head and cheek. She smile passing her apple, he take a bite. Have you called Maan? She looks at him with knotted eyebrow.No, why? Brij smile. He is having a big presentation today. A very big project. Call him. He must be nervous. She smiles nodding her head.


Ajay came after brij, he hug anjali kissing her forehead and kiss geet cheek before going. She grabs her phone and dialed his number munching her apple. He receives the call in one ring. Geet smile hearing his rapid and heavy breath. He didn’t say anything.I’m sure you will get it. He smiles after hearing her assurance. He was wanting this only, this project is really important. He should get it. The biggest project for his career. I’m really nervous. What if I didn’t get it?


You will. Just have faith. All the very best.


Thanx. It’s just going to start in few minutes.


Fine, just be relaxed and calm. Ok.


Hmm. she hangs the phone after sometime. Looking up she sees smirking anjali looking at her with crossed arm. Hmm. someone is really talking maturely now days. She smiles shyly while anjali laugh hugging her.


Geet sat in her room thinking about this change in her. She is now a day’s thinking about Maan a lot, dreaming about him. Wanting to spend her more time with him. Be close to him as they were in their trip. She smiles remembering his smile, his warm embrace where she loves to be once more. This is something new; something feels really beautiful, really awesome. The feeling is something out of the world. She loves living them. Feeling them. His aroma, his volume eyes, his cute dimples, his soft hands toucing her skin.

It’s been four days they didn’t meet. She is missing him like anything.


Her thoughts were broken by phone call. Hello.


Geeettt, just come down. She become confuse by his loud yelling, well seems like he is jumping while taking. His smile can be felt by his word. Why? She asked curiously. Doesn’t he suppose to be in office? Just come down right now. Faassttt. He hangs the phone, she blinks few time looking at the phone. Ok. What happened to him? Looks likes something hard hit his head. Hmm yelling so loudly, god my hears.


Murmuring to herself she ran down, anjali look at her from living room running out. Where is she going? Well running.


When she comes out she sees his car little away, looking at her showing his teeth. Hmm. she goes to him but she was not so close when he grabs her waist twirling her round in the air. I’m so happy so happy, sooo muccch happy. She was surprised by sudden jump. He twirls her very fastly yelling like a fool in middle of the road. Well he was looking like a fool. Put me down. She whispered gritting her teeth looking around. He put her down but didn’t let her move away and hug her very tightly. Aahh Maan. He didn’t listen. I’m so happy geet. Moving back he kisses her cheek very hard. Ok ok, let me guess, you got the project. She smiles still with her arm around his neck and his hands on her waist. Yes geet. I got it. Got it. She laughs at his excitement. He looks so cute, so happy.That’s really really and really a good news. I knew you will get it. He smile widely again hugging her. I just ran out of meeting and came here to meet you. I wanted to say you first. She feels so great, to be so important in his life. She stayed there in his arm for long. She was longing for it, from so long. They didn’t care for anyone it’s there moment. They missed being in each other’s arm. Being so close to each others, hearing each others heartbeat. The sound feels so lovely.


After a long time he move back only to see the most precious smile and sparking eyes. He would keep looking at them whole his life. There is something new, she is behaving so different now a days, he knows she is getting in her feelings slowly and that is what making him more happy. He is longing for the moment she realizes them.


I missed you. The word which is in her heart also from so long. Four days seems like four years. They have talked in phone but still they missed their warm embrace. She smiles keeping her head on his shoulder. I missed you too.


Geet, today I want to give you whatever you want. She looks up to him, his eyes. What can she want more than this, more than his closeness? She got what she is wanting from many days. Keeping her hand on his cheek she says. I always want you to be happy. That’s it. He was surprised; she always would jump in joy when he asks her for giving her gift. But today she said something so different, he love it. This new change. These new feelings between them. Moving forward he kiss her forehead. I am happy as long you are with me. She smile and did which make him more surprise. She kisses his cheek softly. It’s the second time she is doing it. He loves it. Oh god today is the moat happiest day in his life.


From above anjali were looking both of them from balcony. She smiles seeing both of them. She should speak to geet; she is taking so much time now. They should reveal their hidden feelings to each others. Maan is waiting but she want geet to tell him for what he is longing so much. His eyes always search for answer looking at geet and anjali can feel it. She was too in love with ajay so she knows this feeling and the longing of Maan. Though her and ajay relation was little different. They have got married without any barriers. But the time geet is taking it is making Maan desperate. She doesn’t want any barriers in their relations too. And for that she should speak to geet.




Precap: Maan biggest secret.

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Posted by on July 19, 2011 in ~HIDDEN FEELINGS~


One response to “HIDDEN FEELINGS

  1. Jyoti

    July 19, 2011 at 1:27 PM

    awesome part….
    maan really was so happy…n more so when he met her…
    geet also was happy…seeing he shared the news with her first…
    continue soon…
    maan secret…interesting…


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