18 Jul




Reaching home he immediately ran inside his room. Geet was sitting in the corner hugging her knees and crying bitterly. He was hurt to see her in this condition. Going to her he tried to touch her. Geet. She jerks his hand away. Geet, just listen to me once. She didn’t reply and continuous to cry. Maan felt helpless seeing her in this condition. He again tried to touch her. Don’t touch me. She yelled loudly looking at him furiously. He was shocked to see her eyes full of anger. He has never seen her like this. Stay away from me. She said firmly pointing a finger to him. His hand moves down, he was stun to her behavior.



How could you do this to me? Maan saw her helpless in the worst condition. Her chest going up and down, her breathing become rapid he was worried about her and tried to calm her. Geet please, we will talk about it later. He holds her shoulder to make her stand but she jerks his hand with all her force. I said stay away. When will you talk Han, when?


Geet it’s not good for you.


Oh shut up. She spit out angrily and stood up. You always pity on me, pity on my bloody health, I am nothing but a big bloody burden on you. She turns around grabbing his collar angrily. When will you say Maan, when I would have died?


GEET. He yelled a loud, he was shocked by her each and every word. How can she say like this, he pity on her, how could she?  DONT SHOUT. She also yelled moving away from him. You always have kept me in darkness, away from your life, from your tensions. Am I that weak? Her voice broke and she starts crying. I am the worst wife, the most badly. You were going through so much and me. I was enjoying, stupid idiot.


He move forward cupping her face, it hurt him a lot, tears rolled down his eyes.Don’t say like that, you are the best wife geet. She jerks his hand from her face. You are lying; all the while you were lying to me Maan. I. I always wanted to be your support, your strength. But look I have become nothing but just a patient, a sick person in your life.


No geet, please don’t say that.


It’s true. I hate myself. I just hate myself. She sits on bed crying bitterly, he sat taking her in his embrace, and she cried hiding her face in his chest. I always have given you pain and nothing. You all the while are only worried about me and nothing. I didn’t want it Maan. I didn’t want our marriage to be like this. He holds her tight with every word. His throat went dry.I never wanted all this. She repeats it again and again.


Ssshh, it’s not like that geet. You are not a pain to me. She shook her head not listening to his any words. He dint talk just kept her close to his heart; both were in tears crying their heart out. After a long time she moves back and look at his eyes.I. I don’t want all this Maan. I don’t want to be a burden to you. Please, let go of me. He look at her with knotted eyebrow, what does she mean. Understanding his confusion she put her hand on his cheek. Leave me Maan. Please, I’m not worth you. Leave me. She whispered taking his breath away. His world stopped, heart ignored to beat. His hold loosened around her. I don’t want to pain your life more Maan, I know I will die; I don’t want you to suffer.


He move back standing, his jaw tightened at her words, eyes filled with anger and tears started yet again. She tried to speak when he raised his hand in front of her. Maan. He jerk her arm throwing her to his chest hardly,don’t you dare say that again. She looks in his eyes. Marry someone else Maan.


GEET. He raised his hand to slap her but stopped in midair, making it a fist he looks at her with anger and pain. While she look at him in shock. How could you? She looks down sobbing softly. He looks at her for some time and then says. You want me to go away from you geet? She looks up.Fine, I will. I will go away from you. With that he throws her in bed and stormed out of the room.


She lied their crying, by her destiny, her life. Sobbing hard, holding the sheet tight, the tears rolled unaccountably. Her world is finished. Her life is just finished. Nothing is left. No one is left. No one. No more. But what could she do, she can’t see him silently suffer. She will not get well. Never ever. He is ruining his life with her. She is giving him pain only.




It was almost night, geet sat in a corner curled up, and tears were not at all stopping. She was losing every power, keeping her head on her hands which were on her knees she sobbed. light were off, it was dark, but she didn’t feared, what is left to fear, what is more to come. Suddenly the light become on. But she was not having a power to look up. She knows it’s not Maan. She know his aroma, it’s not him. Then why should she look up.


She feels a touch on her shoulder. Bhabhi. Vicky called softly caressing her arm. But still she didn’t look up but her sob become fast. Bhabhi. He brings her in his embrace. Everything is finish, everything. She cried holding him. He rubs her back but she didn’t stop. Grabbing a glass of water from side which he brought he pass it to her lips. Drink it. She shook her head moving it away. He keeps the glass. Please stand up, let go to bed. Helping her to stand up he make her sit on bed, he felt her week. Sitting in front of her he asks. Now tell me what happened, she look down sobbing and start to tell him everything that happened.


Bhabhi, how could you say like this?


What else should I do? I know I’m not good for him.


You don’t know anything bhabhi, nothing. She looks up to him. Bhai may be going through all, but the thing which always gave him power is you, you are his only strength bhabhi, he loves you more than anything else. He didn’t tell you anything because you are progressing. She looks at him shocked. Yes bhabhi, the doctor said you only need some more time than you can be away from all these pain.


Bhabhi, he have only you, you are very precious for him. How can you ask him to leave you? He lives his life only for you. His every second every happiness every joy is because of you. He smiles because of you. You dint know what you are for him. But I know bhabhi; I have seen his eyes when he sees you. Full of love, full of life.


She looks down in guilt and pain. She didn’t know about her progress. She was angry on herself and spit out whatever came in her mouth.




Precap: Maan not returning back.

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