loving lamnets

17 Jul





Maan came back and sat beside geet. I should leave now sir. She stood up to leave but was stopped by geet. Why don’t you have a lunch with us today? Sam looks at her with shock expression. Did she just ask her to stay more? She looks at Maan who smile and indicate her as see. She smiles nodding her head.




All were having lunch, Sam was also there. Geet was having difficult time serving Khushi. She would reject everything only by tasting them and now her eyes were on Maan pasta. Khushi eat what is in front of you.  She frowned and looks at Maan. He clears his throat to defend his daughter but geet give him a glare. What? He gulped down and starts eating. Nothing. Pasta is good. All suppressed a smile while she turns to Khushi. Mama, I don’t like this paratha. It’s so oily. Geet rolled her eyed putting pasta in the plate and moving the plate in front of her. Here. Eat now. Khushi took a spoon in her mouth.Yuk. I don’t want it. Geet look at her angrily.


You are eating this Khushi. She put her lips moving back crossing her arms. Khushi eat. She didnt reply. Maan again tried to speak. Geet, WO. She turns to him with raised eyebrow which shut him. Sighing she grab a bowl and pour a cereal. If you said one more word, you will see the worst side of me. Khushi look down sadly and start eating little. Why is your mouth moving slowly? It moves really fast while talking. She pouts eating. Maan look at Khushi, he didn’t like to see her like this. He has always given her what she wanted.


Baby, what do you want to eat? We will get it. Geet turn to him. No. she will eat whatever is given to her. She turns to Khushi. And we have to go to park. Khushi look up instantly.But if you didn’t finish it fast. I will cancel the trip. She instantly put the spoon in her mouth. Geet smile patting her head and turn to Maan. Eat fast.


Finished. Khushi yelled and sat in geet lap. Can we go to park now? Geet smile kissing her cheek. Yes. We will.


They reached the park; Khushi went to play area while geet and Maan sat on bench watching her. He remembers the evening incident and say. You shouldn’t be so hard on her. Geet turn to look at him. What do you mean? He looks down. Geet. Khushi is small. Looking at her he continues. Let her enjoy her life. Please don’t force her in everything. Geet look at him. She should know Maan that she couldn’t get everything.


But she is just a baby. Geet look in front at Khushi. And this is the age for her to learn. I don’t want her to be like you. She curses herself the moment that word slipped her mouth. Instantly turning to him she sees his shocked and hurt eyes. He looks down for sometime then looks at Khushi. Sighing he chuckled. Oh yea. Standing he went to Khushi, geet tries to stop him. Maan. But he went to Khushi. She was guilty by her own word. She didn’t mean it. How could she make him understand now?


They stayed for long in park. Maan was quiet all the time. Geet tried to talk to him but he just stood silently. The way back in car also he silently drives the car. Khushi slept in geet lap. She looks at him continuously but he didn’t look at her.


When they reach home he simply go to his room. Geet change Khushi cloth and make her sleep. Going to her room she sees Maan lying changed in his night suit. Sighing she too change her cloths and lied down with heavy heart. After sometime when Maan felt her sleeping he went to Khushi room. Sitting beside her he brush her hair but geet words were taunting him again and again. A tear fell down. Is he really that bad that she didn’t want Khushi to be like him? Keeping his head down to her hair crying silently.


After sometime he feels a touch on his shoulder. He knows this touch is geet. Wiping his tear he turns around but only look down. Geet sat in front of him.I’m really sorry Maan. I didn’t mean it. He didn’t answer but hold Khushi little hand in his. Tears were rolling down. She cups his face. I’m. Really sorry. I didn’t mean it. I just don’t want Khushi to be pampered the way you were.


He sniffs. She wipes his tears.You were the one who made me like this geet. You always loved me like that. You were the one who have pampered me a lot. Who always saved me from dad anger? Then why do you hate me so much now. Her throat went dry by his word. Tears flowed down moving close she hug him. I can never hate you Maan. Don’t ever think like that. I know it is only because of me you were like that, moving back she wipes his tears holding his cheek. But I don’t want to repeat that mistake. I don’t want Khushi to be pampered and lament like you. Lament like me. He looks at her sniffing.


I was thinking something else and the word slipped from my mouth. But I know no one can be a better dad than you Maan. He looks in her eyes surprisingly. Yes Maan. You have given all your love to Khushi when you yourself were so alone, you had so much to handle but still you gave Khushi both mine and your love. He smiled happily by her word. It is the first time she is as speaking about his good dead. You are the best papa. Kissing his cheek she hugs him. He holds her tight crying in happiness. Sach? She kisses his neck. Sach.


After sometime they hear a voice. Papa. Both turn to find Khushi sitting and looking at both of them frowning. Are you both crying? Maan bring her in his lap kissing her cheek.No baby. It’s just like that. She turn toward geet, she have never seen her crying. You made mama cry. Geet smile at her wiping her tears. No honey, it’s me who made papa cry. Maan shake his head wiping her tears. She moves forward keeping her head in his chest and Khushi on other side. He kisses both of their head.




Precap: geet worried about Maan.




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