16 Jul




He even doubts her select girls or their status. Having a fresh bath he lye in his bed and geet face came in front of her which also bring a smile in his face. He can’t marry someone else. He loves her. Beyond any limits. He will make sure if she is not happy in her life he will definitely not leave him. And if she is happy in her life he will live looking her being happy.



One day when geet was sitting in Maan cabin and was drawing her design. She has become quite comfortable with him. Maan tried to make her talk with others but she never did. Maan was working on his file when dev barged in. hey bro. geet jump by sudden noise. She looks up at dev and again looks down. Maan somewhere didn’t like his presence. He knows why he has come here.


Dev turn to look at geet, he was mesmerized by her beauty. Wow. He looked at geet with popped eyes. Bro, you didn’t tell me there is some beauty in our office. Geet move uncomfortable in her chair. Maan could feel her nervousness. Dev, behave yourself. He give a glare to dev. he smile sitting in a chair beside geet. She looks up at Maan. He shake his head slowly indicating her to not to be nervous.


There was knock on the door. Sashay came inside. Sir, all are waiting for you in conference room. He nods his head and got up to leave. But stopped at the door thinking about geet. Turning around he saw her looking at him with her scared eyes. Dev, why don’t you have a round? He said to dev wanting him to leave the cabin and geet alone. Dev glance at geet and than at Maan. Forcing a smile on his face he moves forward. Sure. With that he went out. Maan look at geet, she sighed in relief, smiling he went out.


After half an hour Maan still didn’t came. Geet have finished her design so thought to have some outside view. Standing at the window side she looks at outside beauty. Suddenly she felt a touch on her shoulder. Turning around she saw dev standing close to her and a smirk on his face. She jerks back and hit hard to the wall. He moves forward keeping his one hand on the wall. Can I know your beautiful name? She looks down and tried to move away but was stopped by his another hand. Why do you look scared? I just want to be nice to you. She looks down, lips pout a little and tears rolled down. Let me go. She whispered trying to move away. Arey, why are you crying? Let’s be friends? He takes her trembling hand in his.


Suddenly the door open, maan entered and was shocked to see geet in tears and dev misleading her. Dev. he roared which made him jump and look back. What the hell are you doing? Dev was now nervous. His bro never become angry but when it happens than god. Can save from him. Bro, wo. Actually I was just being friendly with her but she is only crying. Maan look at geet who was looking down. His blood boiled to see her tears. Get out now. He ordered him. Dev instantly ran out.


 Maan went to geet. I told you they do harm, they can harm. He brings her in his embrace rubbing her back. Ssshh, he is gone, he was just being friendly geet. She hides her face in his chest. She feels safe being in his arm, close to his heart. No, I saw his eyes. His dirty look. She said it rather rudely. Don’t cry geet, it’s over now. Someone will come. Moving back he softly wipes her tears. Go, wash your face. Someone will see you like this. She looks down still sniffing.Don’t cry I said. He said little firmly knowing it will only work with her and which did she instantly stopped crying. Smiling he shook his head, holding his shoulder he guide her to washroom in his cabin. Go now. Wash your face. She went inside. Maan stood their thinking about dev he will make sure dev will never come near her. He remembers her scared look and eyes, is the reason she always is scared of people? And her husband? The most mystery man. He has to find things.


After sometime geet come out. But still her eyes were red. Going to her he cups her face. Now be brave, I don’t like to see you like this. She smiles a little, the smile which never reaches her eyes. She move and grab her files from his desk going to her cabin.




It was night when maan and geet made their way to the car. Maan smile thinking something and look at geet who was in her usual self. When they reach her cottage she got out to go but stopped when she heard a voice of another door close. Looking behind she see Maan coming to her. He smile standing beside her. What? i’M not a guest who will come after invitation. She smiles moving forward. She trusts him. More than anything else, but somewhere she is scared with this feeling, he is being very close to her she didn’t want it, he shouldn’t be.



Opening the door she got in, Maan was about to enter in when he felt something hard under his foot. Looking down he see a door mate, kneeling down he remove it a little only to find a key. Hmm, so she hides spare hey. Picking it up the smile and put it in his pocket. Well got something good even before entering. Smiling proudly he entre inside.





Precap: geet new avatar.




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One response to “TAMANNA

  1. Jyoti

    July 16, 2011 at 10:17 AM

    nice part…
    is she really married or pretending just to get people off her back??
    continue soon…


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