15 Jul




forgetting everything she stayed their enjoying the rain and remembering Maan.

Suddenly a voice brings her to reality. Geet. Turning around she find anjali standing with her hand on her hips. What are you doing in rain? Are you mad or something. Holding her hand she drags her inside.I don’t know when you will grow up. Bringing her inside the room she takes the towel and her night suit. Go change your cloths. Geet smile kissing her cheek and went to change.  Anjali went out to kitchen. Ajay came behind her.What are you doing? Have some rest. Anjali smile.I will.  Just making coffee for geet, she was just dancing in rain. Both laugh at her. Ajay went to his room while anjali to geet room.


Entering their she saw her sitting in bed with wet hair and playing with the chain. Hmm. thinking about maan. Geet look up suddenly and smile shyly looking down. Anjali was shocked to see her blushing so hard just by Maan name. Smiling she keep the coffee beside her and take the towel wiping her hair. Want to share it? Geet look up to her, and suddenly hug her. I too don’t know what’s happening to me, but I just love this feeling. Anjali smile still brushing her hair with towel. She was sure geet is feeling the love and happy that finally she will know her feelings for Maan. Geet move back. Aachu. Anjali giggle giving her the coffee.Have you told Maan about it? Geet look at her for some time and then shook her head. Anjali smile its ok. Drink. Moving the cup to her lips she again wipes her hair.


When the coffee was finished geet simply keep her head on anjali lap. She smile brushing her hair and kiss her forehead. Do you know what these feelings are? She asks looking up to anjali, anjali thought for sometime weather to tell her or not. Yea, I know and you will also know it soon. She didn’t ask any other question because of tiredness and too many thoughts she closed her eyes and soon drifted off.


Ajay entered the room and find her sleeping. Smiling her kneeled down to her caressing her cheek. She slept.


Hmm. rain must have made her tired. Ajay smile and kiss geet cheek softly. She is a princess. Isn’t she? He looks up to anjali who smile and nod her head. We have always given her everything what she wanted. He sighed sadly. But never gave her the love of mom. She really misses her. Anjali put her hand on his cheek. He smiles kissing her hand. But now, looking both of you I feel she is getting that love too. I have made a great decision in choosing you. Both smile looking at each other’s and then look down at geet.


She is really precious ajay. I don’t know from when but she has become most important to me. I love her more than I love sonali. Ajay smile. She truly is a princess. And I always pray that she will be happy in her life. Ajay keep her hand on her cheek.She will. We make sure she will. Anjali look at ajay who was now looking at geet lovely. All loves her so much, she look at geet, and why not. She is really worth it. She is the most precious gift. She said caressing her hair. She is like my little daughter, and I always will make sure to give her all happiness. Ajay look at anjali with proud and happiness. Leaning close he kiss her lips.I love you. She smiles.


After sometime ajay made geet lie on bed and cover her with spread, both kiss her either cheek and went out closing the lights.




Geet woke up late, stretching her arm she slowly open her eyes. Aachu. Rubbing her nose she entered to washroom. All were sitting in dining table having breakfast when geet sat beside brij. Aachu, good morning. She said lazily which made all laugh. Her nose was dark pink. She made a big face looking all laughing and looks at brij. Oww my baby. He gave her a side hug kissing her head. She smiles showing her tongue to ajay. He chuckle eating his breakfast.


She was about to take her juice when anjali stop her. Geet, don’t take juice take tea. Juice is cold.


But I don’t drink tea. Making a pleading face she looks at her. Aachu. Anjali smile passing her a cup. That’s what happens when you dance in rain. All again laugh at her. She drinks tea making funny faces.


Later in evening all were in office, anjali went to her room. Geet dialed Maan number. Hello. Maan smile finally hearing her voice. Hi, called so late. She lies down on bed. Hmm. aachu. Not feeling well. He frowned closing his file. Why? What happen? Geet smile closing her eyes. Nothing, just a little headache. Was out in rain yesterday.


Maan smile again opening his file. We will again meet on Sunday only.


Yea. It was so nice there. Maan noticed her voice lazy. Geet you sleep for some time. We will talk later. She was not having any power to argue so just did what he says. Hanging the phone she slept again.






Precap: Maan being very happy.




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Posted by on July 15, 2011 in ~HIDDEN FEELINGS~


One response to “HIDDEN FEELINGS..

  1. Jyoti

    July 15, 2011 at 8:32 AM

    nice part…
    geet still doesnt know the name of that feeling…
    anjali is truly a sweetheart…
    continue soon…..


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