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I just came here to tell you something about Maan. Geet look at her confusingly. Maan is failing badly geet. He is in his worse condition. But see he didn’t tell you anything. Isn’t it sympathy not love?  Geet look at her shocked. Maan is failing? But he didn’t tell her anything.  Sameera smile at her. See, that’s what your importance is. Only for time pass in his life. Or should I say. He just married you because you are sick geet. Geet look at her shock, she was unable to say anything. Her mind was numb hearing her words, about Maan. Sameera smile her mission is complete now. Let’s see geet, how your crack brain work now. She checks the medicine and new about geet, now she will herself destroy her life. Her happy marriage life. And I will get Maan. Smiling evilly she went to her  room sleeping peacefully.


Geet stood their numb. All sameera word was ringing in her mind. Is there really something which Maan is hiding from her? There were lots of question in her mind. Taking her mobile she dials a number. After some ring Vicky pick his phone. Hey bhabhi, what up?


Vicky. Tell me something truly. Vicky becomes confuse. What?


Promise me you will say a truth. Vicky could guess her voice was firm plus in urge of crying. Aahh. Ok promise.


What is going on in office? He was not sure what she is asking? Did she come to know everything? But bhai didn’t say anything to her. Bhabhi kya hua?


I’m asking you something. What is going on in office? Tell me fast. She yelled at him. He was not sure should he say something? Vicky you promised me. Please say. Vicky listened her cracking voice and was not able to hold him. Bhabhi, actually baat yea hai ke, the project bhai is handling is in very bad condition. No one is ready to purchase it. And because bhai is giving all his attention to this project his attention toward other work is lacking and business is going badly. He sighed after completing. Geet tears rolled down, Maan is suffering from so much and he didn’t give her a glimpse. Why he never told me all this? Vicky closes his eyes. He was already scared for this question to come. Why Vicky? She whispered. Because doctor have advised to not to give any tension to you. Geet slip the phone. She was not having power and kneeled down. Tears were rolling down; she put her hand on her mouth to control her sobs.

Her Maan is hiding so much from her, just because she is…..  He always was worried, tensed, frustrated but he not once has shared it to her. Her sobs were now not able to control. She always promised him to be there for him. But not even once did she was there with him. All the time he was worried for her and didn’t talk to her.

She stood up wiping her tears and made her way out not thinking about anything. She has to meet him now only. He has to answer her. Tell her was she really that week that he never even shared his problems with her.  All look at her and were shocked to see her in tears, they tried to stop her but she ran out. Sameera smile. Driver office chalo jaldi. She sat in back seat. Whole drive she only cried,

When she reaches at office she ran inside but was stop by the receptionist. Sorry maam but sir told, not to allow anyone inside. She turns around furiously to her.Don’t forget who i am. She said furiously and went to his cabin.

Opening the door slowly she look at his chair but the sight caught her breath. Tears doubled, she holds her mouth tight to stop the sobs and was shocked to see him sleeping in his chair. She remembered he never sleep in night, all the night he would be restless or be checking her again and again.  Her wimp didn’t help her. Maan stirred hearing a noise and slowly open his eyes only to see geet standing at door, in her worst condition. He becomes alert, seeing her like this. She has never come to office in this condition. Geet? He stood up to talk to her but before that she ran away. He stood shocked by her behavior, why did she run like this. Her tears, her pale face, shaking body. What happened? Why was she looking at her like this?

Vicky entered his cabin.Bhai, what happened to bhabhi? Maan look at him. I. I don’t know. She. J. just came a. and ran. He was unable to speak; he was feeling something bad to come. Vicky looks at him. He was looking so shattered. Bhai, bhabhi called me before, she asked me about business. Looks like someone have told her. Maan look up at him shocked. Geet knows everything? How could that happen? He has made sure this wouldn’t happen, he have made it clear to all not to tell her anything. Than who can have this guts, sameera. Yes her. His hand becomes fist. This girl is going out of her limits now.  Giving a look at Vicky he ran out. Geet will surely do something stupid now.

He knows she will be so hurt knowing everything from other when he himself has promised that they will never hide anything’s. She always has tried to be with him, share his worries but how can he let her. She is not well. Just few more weeks than she will be fine, the doctor have advice to avoid any tension for few more weeks as her medicine were working nicely. Than how can he ruin everything by saying things to her? Geet must be really angry at him.

Reaching home he immediately ran inside his room. Geet was sitting in the corner hugging her knees and crying bitterly. He was hurt to see her in this condition. Going to her he tried to touch her. Geet. She jerks his hand away. Geet, just listen to me once. She didn’t reply and continuous to cry. Maan felt helpless seeing her in this condition. He again tried to touch her. Don’t touch me. She yelled loudly looking at him furiously. He was shocked to see her eyes full of anger. He has never seen her like this. Stay away from me. She said firmly pointing a finger to him. His hand moves down, he was stun to her behavior.


Precap: a big big fight.

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