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Maan sat there thinking. The house seems small. There was no one, where is her husband and family? If her behavior is because of her husband then I’m not leave him. He cursed him and starts his car giving a last look at her cottage.




Two weeks were passed with geet in office but her behavior didn’t change at all. She still will be sitting only in her cabin and doing her work. Maan always help her and try to remove her nervousness. She become little comfortable by his sweet gesture. Maan many time tried to ask her about her family or husband but she never reply.


One day, Maan was sitting in his cabin and working on laptop. Tired of it he move little back leaning to the chair and turn to geet cabin. She was nervously looking at two folders. He frowned looking her twisting her pallu which she always does when she would be scared and nervous. Not wasting any time he stood up and went to her cabin.


When he open her cabin by which she look up, seeing Maan at door made her more nervous. She stood up and looks here and there. Maan went to her.Geet, why are you starring at these file. He takes one file in which design of villa was made which he told her to make next week. Everything is good then why is she so worried. Why are you so scared? She looks down. Woo sir, woo main. Woo. Maan sighed a breath. Her words starts with woo and always end with it. Geet speak up. He said firmly, knowing soft speaking will never make her speak.


She moves back by his voice. I made the wrong design. She whispered in one go. He frowned and then looks at files again. He smile at her, she have made villa design even he said her to make the mall design. God knows where her mind is. Looking at her he stood in front of her. Geet look up. She slowly looks up but didn’t look at her. Look at me. He can see her scared eyes. Sorry, I forgot about the mall project. He smiles taking the file.


Than what’s there to be worried geet. You can make it now. We have the presentation after two days. And I can see your speed. You will surely make it. He speaks to her ever so softly which melt her heart. She looks at him in awe. Did he just talk to her so nicely even she made such a big mistake? He didn’t even once have yell at her.


Taking a chair beside her he says. Here, I will also help you. I’m free now. He sat and push her hand down due to which she slam on her chair. Draw. He smiles guiding her. She turns and starts drawing. Maan continuous to look at her, she is someone looks like an angel. So pure, so much beauty, but what make her so sad. Why is she always lost in her thoughts?Geet. She looks up to him. Why don’t you talk with others in office? She looks at him for some time and then looks down playing with her pen. Why geet? He again asked softly not getting any answer. I don’t feel like.


Why? They won’t harm you? No one can harm you geet. She looks up to his. They can. Everyone can. people do harm. She looks down again. Maan was stunn by her answer. She replied se easily for the first time and tat too like this. Why she think everyone can harm her.Are you scared of me that I will also harm you? He asked looking in her eyes. She starred at him for a long moment and look down. He waited for her reply but she start to make her design. He only stares at her. Now he defo have to know about her life. Her family and that’s so called husband.




It was night when Maan and feet made their way out. It has become a routine of him to drop her home. She rejected many time but he never allowed her to go alone.


Both sat and Maan start driving. Geet on her usual self look outside of window. Geet. She turns to him. Can you also do some presentation? She looks at him with shock expression.I want you to present your design yourself tomorrow. He wants her to be confident, to mix with people. I can’t do it sir. He chuckled. Again sir. How many time should I say, Maan call me Maan outside office. She smiles a little. Maan, I can’t present it. I will make design but. He sighed looking at her. She looks outside. After a while he again spoke up. Are you like this from childhood? She knots her eyebrow. I mean, so quiet and nervous. She smiles nodding her head. I use to live in hoshiyarpur, girls of their have no confidence.


Hmm. the rest of the drive was in silent. She went to her cottage and closes the door. Maan went to his mansion. Mom and dev were sitting. Oh, here he comes now. He smile sitting beside her mom. Bro, I came to know there’s a new girl in office. Maan give him a glare. He only needs a chance to flirt. But geet is not that type of girl and plus he will never approve of dev flirting or even thinking about her. Maan, I have chosen some girls for you. Mom tried to show her picture but he stood up.Please mom, I have told you many times stop your search. I am no ready for marriage. With that he went to his room. His mom always need chance to select some high close people for him.


He even doubts her select girls or their status. Having a fresh bath he lye in his bed and geet face came in front of her which also bring a smile in his face. He can’t marry someone else. He loves her. Beyond any limits. He will make sure if she is not happy in her life he will definitely not leave him. And if she is happy in her life he will live looking her being happy.




Precap: dev visiting office..

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