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After an hour she finishes her work and loom at Khushi who was busy drinking her juice which Maan ordered. Maan entered from his meeting. He smile and kiss her cheek.I need to go now. Khushi have her homework. He turns to Khushi and smile. Fine. Kissing her forehead he called Khushi. She ran to him and he hugs her kissing her forehead and cheek. Papa will be little late today. So finish your homework and sleep well ok. She nods her head. You will bring chocolate for me? He smiles nodding his head.Bye papa. Love you. She kisses her cheek getting down. He turns to geet, hug her and kiss her head. Coming to her ear he whispered. Bye jaan. I love you. You can sleep with your daughter today. But I will make sure soon she should be in her room. Geet blushed looking at Khushi and at him, he wink at her moving back. She kisses his cheek softly going out.




It was Sunday morning. Dad and mom were in their room. Geet was sitting in living room while Maan was lying keeping his head on her lap and Khushi sat on his stomach. Both were playing while geet brushing Maan hair and caressing his cheek with other hand. Papa, it’s Sunday. Let’s go to parka Na. maan and geet smile. Yea baby, we will go in evening. She giggles kissing his cheek and lying on top of him. Papa, why mama is so quiet, she doesn’t talk. Geet chuckled looking at Maan. He smiles kissing Khushi head. She talks honey. Bus less than both of us. She smiles keeping her head on his chest playing with his collar.


Maan look up to geet, cant I at least get a smile? He said with sad face. She wanted to open up to him. Wants to be with him the way she always used to. She is longing for him. But she should control, however it’s very difficult for her but she have to. Just a little more. Caressing his cheek with her thumb she says. I also want to trust you. But I can’t. He sighed looking down at Khushi. He was dying for her smile. She is good with all. She talks to them, smile laugh. But not with him.


It’s been a month now they are together but not once he saw her smile a little at him. He was sad, very sad with her attitude. It hurt to see her cold only with him. But that’s what he should get with what he has done to her. He has completely lost her trust and he will surely gain it again.


Khushi look up finding both of them quiet.Now you also become quiet in Mama Company. He smiles a little brushing her hair. Geet felt bad for him, she can’t see him like this but what can she do, she really doesn’t trust him. How can she be sure that Maan can be responsible for whole his life. She didn’t saw him like that. Leaning down she kiss his forehead. He looks up to her. Don’t be sad please. I hate to see you like this. He smiles taking her hand and kissing it. But both turn with a voice. Hello? I’m also here? Both laugh looking at her cute angry face and hand on her hips. Maan pull her down kissing her head.I love you my baby. He look up you geet.I love you. She didn’t reply but keep her head on Khushi which was on his chest. He traces his finger on her cheek.


Suddenly there was a bell sound. Geet sit straight. Nakul open the door and Sam was standing there. Maan look at her and smile sitting straight taking Khushi in his lap. Hey Sam. good morning. She smile coming and sat on sofa.  Good morning sir. Actually I was passing so I thought why not come here. Maan smile and turn to geet who was looking down. Her usual self when she sees someone. Hey Khushi. Won’t you greet me? Khushi look at Maan frowning. He smile, his two ladies are something else. Honey, say hi to Sam aunty. Khushi look at him and slowly turn to Sam. locking her arm around maan neck and said with pout on her lip and frown on her face.hi. She mumbled and hugs Maan. He turns to geet. Geet? She look down and then to Sam. hi sam. Hmm. i will bring something for you. With that she stood up and went to kitchen. Khushi too ran behind her.


Sam smile and look at Maan.I think I shouldnt have come here. Maan chuckled. No Sam, don’t think like that. Geet have never been with anyone, she was always like this with my friends too. And Khushi took it from her. She smiles. Khushi must be happy now.


Yea, she is.


They talked for some time when geet come back with a tray. giving the coffe to Sam she sat beside Maan, he bring her close so she lean to his chest, Khushi sat in her lap keeping her head on her shoulder. You know Sam; geet is also helping me in business. Sam smile taking a sip. That’s really good. Geet smile, than She look at Khushi, she was blinking her eyes slowly. She smile kissing her forehead and patted her back so she could sleep.


Maan and Sam talk to each other’s while geet sat quietly, slowly Khushi slept in her lap. She smile kissing her eyes and caressing her face. Her daughter is most beautiful. The mixture of her and Maan. Maan got a call so he excused himself. Sam look at geet but her eyes were on her daughter. Sam smile happily to see her finally back with her family. I am so excited to hear your side of story. Geet look up by her voice.Sir told me about you and him. But I want to know your side. She looks at her for some time. She always hated to share her and Maan relation. But somewhere she didn’t feel bad for Sam words. She doesn’t look like others, she was the one who helped Maan and Maan surely needed someone to pour his heart. She feels nice by Sam gesture, she never have forced her to talk as all do.


I love Maan since childhood. But I realised it when I was 12 years old. Sam looks at her with raised eyebrow. Geet laugh softly which made Sam smile to. It is the first time she is talking to her. Maan realized it when we were 16. He never liked it, because he hates to break my heart but I never used to stop loving him. And it was not easy for me too, I lament every moment to fell in love with such a jerk. She chuckled looking down. It was heaven for me when he proposed me. There were no limits of my happiness. Her smile fad away. But I lament receiving his love. Everything would have been like before if he wouldn’t love me.


She looks at Khushi sadly. Khushi. Wouldn’t have paid for it. Sam stood and sat besides her holding her hand. Don’t say that. Maan sir really loves you a lot. He is lamenting for all his deeds. And see all is well now. Maybe destiny has written that for both of you, geet look up to her confusingly.For sir to realize your importance, for you to have him back the way you always wanted and for Khushi to receive both her parents love. Geet look at Sam for some time and finally smile, she smiles back to her.


Maan came back and sat beside geet.I should leave now sir. She stood up to leave but was stopped by geet. Why don’t you have a lunch with us today? Sam looks at her with shock expression. Did she just ask her to stay more? She looks at Maan who smile and indicate her as see. She smiles nodding her head.






Precap: park…..




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