12 Jul

Part 17





What is so urgent that we are leaving?


A project meeting is held. She sighed opening her eyes and look up at him. He smiles kissing her forehead. After a long time Maan receive a call from dev to come as they are leaving. Both walk back holding each other’s hands.





All settle themselves in car. Finally they will return. Geet dev sonali and Maan in one car. Maan drive the car while geet sat behind him. She was lost in her world. Maan noticed her quiet and engrossed. But couldn’t say in front of sonali and dev.


It was a long drive, geet only look outside the window. Once she looks ahead and saw Maan looking at her from the mirror. He raised his eyebrow as if asking what, she smile a little nodding her head indicating nothing.


Dev switch the radio. He and sonali were fighting to which channel to listen, Maan shushed them and stop at one channel. He was already worried about geet and now this. After some time a song start.


Chaahe tum kuchh Na kaho Maine sun liya.


Geet suddenly look up at Maan, he smile looking her.



Ki saathi pyaar ka mujhe chun liya


both look at each other’s.



Chun liya

Maine Sun liya


she looks away and turns her face to mirror. Maan smile looking some twinkle in her eyes. was that love? was she really feeling it? he again looks up to see her cheek turning to pink. he smiled driving.



Pehla nasha

Pehla khumaar

Naya pyaar hai naya intezaar


geet remember all their moment, their all close moments. his smile, his eyes. the moments they spend in beach, his sweet gesture.



Kar loon main kya apna haal

Aye dil-e-bekaraar

Mere dil-e-bekaraar

Tu hi bata


she looks up to him and him too look at her at the same time. his eyes were speaking volumes. she could read them today. how he is looking at her lovingly.


Pehla nasha

Pehla khumaar


she leans to window closing her eyes.

but the first thing she saw was Maan standing in a dim light and she in front of him.




Udta hi firoon in hawaon mein kahin

Ya main jhool jaoon in ghataon mein kahin


he holds her hand softly bringing her close to him. she moves her arm around his neck, both smiling looking in each other’s eyes.










Udta hi firoon in hawaon mein kahin




Ya main jhool jaoon in ghataon main kahin

he move back holding her waist moving her up in air, she smile opening her arm widely.



Ek kar doon aasmaan zameen


Kaho yaro kya karu kya nahi 

putting her down he turn her hugging her from back, softly kissing her neck and shoulder and moving up giving her short kisses on jaw line. she shivered closing her eyes.



Pehla nasha

Pehla khumaar

Naya pyaar hai naya intezaar

Kar loon main kya apna haal


turning her to him she keeps her head on his chest while he holds her waist. moving a little in a rhythm.



Aye dil-e-bekaraar

Mere dil-e-bekaraar


Tu hi bata 

he holds her chin pulling her face up. she look in his eyes, there was so much passion. he lean forward to her lips, she find his lips nearer to her. closing her eyes she waited for his soft touch to touch her.



suddenly her eyes jerked open by sudden break. looking here and there and find they have reached to their home. Maan look up to her but she dare not look at him. what was she dreaming of? how can she dream like that, Maan kissing her. she was lost on her thoughts when her door opens. looking up she saw Maan standing smiling at her. what happen? don’t want to come outside? he smiles at her but she didn’t, she was lost in this new feeling. why did she dream of him and that too so close to each others?


looking down she came outside and start walking but Maan hold her arm. she shivered badly with his touch. he has touched her much time, but why am I feeling so different today? looking behind she see Maan looking at her worriedly. he comes forward holding her shoulder. what’s wrong geet? why are you so quiet? she looks down. I’m just tired. looking up to his eyes, Maan saw something new today. what is it? she is looking confuse. he looks here and there and finds all left. his family leaving him behind. leaning forward he kiss her forehead. go. rest. she looks down nodding her head and went back inside. she didn’t even care of all and went straight to her room. shocked herself by her dream.


they whole day went like that. she lied in bed thinking all about it. suddenly there was a loud thunder. looking out of window she sew it was raining heavily. smiling she went out in the rain.


the water wet her whole body, she look up in the sky closing her eyes. a smile crept her lips again seeing the first sight of Maan.




Pehla nasha

Pehla khumaar 

she opens her arm twirling around.



Usne baat ki kuchh aise dhang se

Sapne de gaya vo hazaaron range ke


the moment came in front of her when he hugs her for the first time, consoling her when she was missing her mama.



Usne baat ki kuchh aise dhang se

Sapne de gaya vo hazaaron range ke


all their close moments, all his kisses.

she could still feel his soft lips again her neck jaw line. the little moment they shared in her secret place.



Reh jaoon jaise main haar ke

Aur choome vo mujhe pyaar se


her smile only widened remembering all their sweet moments, she touch her chain remembering. the. beautiful moment when he kissed her face in the beach.




Pehla nasha

Pehla khumaar

Naya pyaar hai naya intezaar


she twirls around feeling the water on her whole body, she was soaked but she doesn’t care anymore. she is just feeling the most beautiful feeling.



Kar loon main kya apna haal

Aye dil-e-bekaraarMere dil-e-bekaraar


forgetting everything she stayed their enjoying the rain and remembering Maan.




Precap: anjali caring for geet.

Hmm, so how was it??

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  1. mishtykhuranaty khurana

    July 12, 2011 at 11:02 AM

    awsome update awsome update awsome update awsome update

    awsome update awsome update awsome update awsome update…

    hope dat dream come true very soon…

    finally geet is ralizing her feeling 2wards maan..

    par car drie me dev nd sonali were kabab me haddi…



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