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They reach the hotel and ordered their breakfast.  Geet snuggled closer to him playing with his finger. After a while food arrived and both ate in a silence, finishing their breakfast geet suggested to go to beach for a while. They sat on sand geet with her back rested on Maan chest, he kiss her neck and shoulder. We are spending time together after so many weeks. He kisses her cheek. I know mishti, I’m being hard. But trust me; let this project end we will go out for some time. She smiles turning her face. He kisses her lips softly. I love you. He receives a call from office to be there urgently. He drops her home giving her last kiss and hugs and went to office. When geet was entering sameera saw a glow and smile on her face, there were love bite marks on her neck to which she look disgustingly. She still loves Maan and can’t bear to see him with someone else.




Geet was tying Maan tie while he was busy in his call. Finishing the tie she wrap her arm around his waist kissing his neck and throat, he give her a glare and continuous to call. She kisses his chin, he again glare at her to which she put her lips. He smirked kissing them and moved away knowing she will not let him. Geet giggle picking his towel and cloths but stopped by the knock on the door. Vicky peeped in. can I come? Geet smile. Of course. Come. He entered with office cloths and a tie in his hands making a puppy face at geet. She laugh going to him. Hmm. so Mr Vickrant khurana is going to office today. He nods his head looking at Maan who was looking through his file finishing the call.


Geet start to tie his tie. I’m so nervous. She smiles. Don’t worry, Maan will be with you.


That’s why I’m nervous. She laughs a loud which gains Maan attention. He looks up to both of them with raised eyebrow. Sorry. He whispered and turns to geet whispering. Why is he in so angry mood now days? She shrugs her shoulder glancing at Maan. Finishing the tie she looks at Vicky. He hugs her. Please help him Vicky, he is really worried. He looks at her and nods his head kissing her cheek. She smile but both jump by Maan yelling.


Oye. What are you doing? He comes beside geet. Didn’t I made clear, no kissing. Vicky looks at geet. He can’t even tease him as his mood is really high now days, always yelling and shouting. Vicky only looks down. Maan, don’t scold him please. He is really nervous. You have to help him. Maan give a glare to Vicky.Your fun is not going to work at office; you will go for work and make sure you have to. Vicky only looks down. Geet roll her eyes and hold Vicky shoulder. Go, wait outside. He nods and geet pat his cheek then he goes out. Turning around she see Maan muttering. Stupid. Never serious about anything.


Sighing she goes to him and cup his face.Why are you so harsh? He already is so nervous. He rolls his eyes. Nautanki hai Sab. geet cut him. Maan. Don’t say that. He is a kid. Needs your help and support. Please. He looks down putting his hand on his pocket. She kisses his both cheeks and then his lips. Now give me my maan’s cute smile. He smiles a little shaking his head. That’s like my love. Kissing his lips she holds his arm taking him out.


All were waiting out for them. Vicky hugs all and went to geet but first he look at Maan nervously. Can I? He whispered softly. Geet giggle hugging him while Maan roll his eyes. Moving back she put her hand on his cheek. All the best. Do well. I’m always with you. He smile and kiss her forehead. Thanx bhabhi, you’re my biggest support. Both smile but Maan move out. They went out to car? Vicky sat in his seat, geet went to Maan he kiss her lips and sat.




Two weeks passed.


Vicky settles him in office and worked really hard. Geet was the one who supported and motivate him always. He worked hard only for her as she wanted him to help Maan. Maan mood was getting more and worse. He will always be frustrated. The frustration of project will always be on worker or family. But he didn’t even give a glimpse of his tension to geet. Blank calls for geet were finish but now she always feels someone stalking her whenever she will be out.




This is the limit. Maan yelled which made Sasha jump in fear. I have told you to finish the designs in two days but you have done this. He slams the file in the desk which again made her jump. I think you people don’t love your job.


S.sorry sir. He rolls his eyes giving his back to her. Suddenly his phone rand. Picking it up him again yell. Who is it?


No need to yell. It’s me. He sighed listening to geet voice. Wait. He turns around. Are you going to stand here and star at me? Get the hell out of here. Sasha ran out. He sits on his chair. Han geet. Any work?


kyun? Can’t I call like that? He has to smile by her sweet complaining voice. Only she is capable of calming him. How is Vicky? Where is he?


He is in his cabin. Must say, he is doing well. Geet smile grabbing an ointment.Hmm. that’s good Na. he smile but knotted his eyes when he listen to her wincing in pain. Geet. Kya hua? Is everything ok?


Yea. Just applying ointment.


Ointment. But why?



Haa, what should I do, if my husband always uses to chew me and fill by body with his marks.  He laughs a loud. Oh my mishti. What can a husband do if he has such a lovely wife?


Yea, but it doesn’t mean you should eat her out.  He continued to laugh when he again heard him wincing. Geet, keep that down. 




Keep the tube down. I will apply it by which you will not feel the pain. Now keep it. She rolled her eyes keeping the tube. Hmm. i know your type of applying. He again laughs.  There was knock on the door. Sir, your meeting. Neither he nor his head. Ok geet, I need to go now. Love you sweetheart. She smiles. Love you too honey. Byeee.




One day when Maan was in office when sameera entered in geet room. She was folding Maan cloths when she looks up to her. Hi. She sat on bed in front of her. You know geet, I got something. Geet knot her eyebrow. Sameera show a bottle to her to which geet become alert. It was her old medicine bottle. So it’s the reason Maan and all family shows so much sympathy. Geet give her a glare. Sameera leave. Before I loose myself leave from here. She laughs historically. Hmm. you know geet. I pity on Maan. He got so irresponsible if, who doesn’t care of him. Geet stood up. Enough now. Leave my room before I call Maan.  Sameera smile standing in front of her.


I just came here to tell you something about Maan. Geet look at her confusingly. Maan is failing badly geet. He is in his worse condition. But see he didn’t tell you anything. Isn’t it sympathy not love?  Geet look at her shocked. Maan is failing? But he didn’t tell her anything.  Sameera smile at her. See, that’s what your importance is. Only for time pass in his life. Or should I say. He just married you because you are sick geet. Geet look at her shock, she was unable to say anything. Her mind was numb hearing her words, about Maan. Sameera smile her mission is complete now. Let’s see geet, how your crack brain work now. She checks the medicine and new about geet, now she will herself destroy her life. Her happy marriage life. And I will get Maan. Smiling evilly she went to her  room sleeping peacefully.




Precap: geet knowing Maan worried condition.

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