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But bhabhi he said there’s another meaning in these letters. I really can’t get that. Anjali frowned, she look at the letters, another meaning. M for Maan. G for geet. And k. what hidden in it?  Mkg. she mumered in her mind. Then her eyes popped out. Mk Maan khurana. It means. GEET MAAN KHURANA. Oh my god. He has proposed this dumb and here she is finding the meaning. She was scared now. What if someone finds the chain? Geet is so innocent that she will just spill out. But Maan, he is so serious about her that he possessively announced her as his.  She smile, so sweet of both of them. God bless them.




It was morning. All were gathered together. Some were having breakfast and some sat in living room. Geet came out with her short and shirt. She sat beside Maan. He passes a smile and look at his mobile. Brij brings her juice, she start drinking it pulling her knees up her chest keeping her back on Maan shoulder. Anjali was passing when her eyes fell on both, she smile looking both of them and sat opposite of them. Mohinder suggested that they should go for a picnic as they will be leaving tomorrow.


Maan finishes his email and turn to geet who was busy punching her chocolate now. He slowly brings his hand on her waist making sure no one notice them. Sliding his hand to her waist he brings her more close. She turns to look at him and smile. He smiles taking a bite from her chocolate. Anjali was looking and admiring both of these each move, she can see the unlimited love in Maan eyes.  Ajay come and sat beside her she smile at him, he put his hand around her while she keeps her head on his shoulder looking at Maan and geet.




They reached the park, all settle themselves under the tree anjali and ajay went for a walk, dev went with his ball. Maan sat there looking at geet who was talking to sonali. He slowly takes his mobile out and takes a picture of her. They sat there for long time. Maan went sat beside geet, she turn to see him when he says.Let’s go somewhere. She smile nodding her head and stood up. He too stood up and went ahead. Maan. He turns around to her mom. Are you both going somewhere? He look at geet and then to her. Yea mom, just a walk. Mom smile. Then take sonali with you too. She will be bored with us. He look at her and then to geet, sighing he look down and start walking. Geet stood there not knowing what to do. Maan stopped not feeling her behind him and turn around to see her standing and sonali beside her. Come. Take sonali. He said and moves forward. He kept a difference from both of them. When they reach the beach area. Geet felt him silence and knew very well he never talk whenever someone else is with them. Maan was highly irritated now. Why is mom again and again sending this girl with them he wanted to spend this last day with geet and now this? He can’t even deny his mom. Frustrated he kicks the stone, but something caught his mind. Grabbing his mobile from pocket he dials a number. Yea. Look. I have a work for you. Come to beach now. With that he cut the call.


After sometime dev come there panting, he almost ran when he got his brother order but looking at the scene where Maan was walking ahead and geet and sonali at back. He smile knowing his work, going to them he said. Hey sweaty. Geet turn around to dev and smile. Sonali, why are you here in this boring place. Come I will take you somewhere interesting. Maan turn around hearing dev voice, he smile seeing sonali walking with dev. dev turn around winking at him while he chuckled giving him a thumb up.


When he made sure they were gone he look at geet who was going under water, going to her he hold her waist. Hey. He smile which made her smile.Let’s go little in. he now taking her hand and walk ahead in water. They stayed there for some time. geet look at him and then suddenly splashes water on his face, he jerk and look at her she laugh and continuous to splash he smile holding her waist due to which she jerk toward his chest. Both smile keeping their forehead together. I’m so sad this all going to be finish. She looks at him sadly. He kiss her cheek,who told you this going to be finish, we will meet there too. She smile keeping her head on his chest, he hold her waist and smile. Their relation has moved on hopefully. Now only geet could realize her feelings and except it.


They walk holding each other’s hands. She keeps her head on his shoulder entwining their finger. Suddenly both jumped hearing a coughing sound. Turning around they saw anjali looking both of them with a smirk on her face. Geet ran beside her while Maan look down brushing his hair. kaha chal diye done. Geet hold her shoulder from behind hiding her blush while Maan look down smiling shyly. Anjali have to laugh at both of them who were caught red handed. Papaji is calling you, lunch is ready. Maan only look down and move toward them. They walk back.


Anjali look at Maan who was stealing glances of geet. The moment he saw anjali he instantly look down. She giggles hitting his head. control karo. She whispered to him which made him run from them. She laughs looking at him. Such a shy and sweet boy.




After eating something all younger went to beach while elders sat there. Geet anjali and sonali went under the water a little. Maan and ajay stood out watching them. Brij and dev does to other place. Maan was lost in geet while ajay was in anjali. But Maan eyes fell on the group of boys little away. They were looking at them smiling misciefly. He turn to find their look on geet who’s led was all shown. He ran to her and grabs her arm bringing her out. She was confused by his behavior. What are you doing? Let me go. He stood in front of her blocking the boys view. No. you will stand here only. She made a confuse face looking here and there. She looks ahead to sonali and anjali where ajay too joined. They were having fun. She made a baby face looking at him.


Look they are so much enjoying. I am going. She tried to run but he again holds her arm. Geet I said no and it means no. she look at him irritatingly and jerk her arm away. Acha chalo, we will go somewhere else. She turns around twisting her lips. He softly holds her shoulder from back and made her move ahead.This place is boring now. We will go somewhere alone. She didn’t say anything just went where he took her. Going little away he made her sit in one bench and sat besides her keeping his arm around her. She keeps her head on his chest moving her knees. He brings his finger to her hair playing with them. She closed her eyes feeling his soft touch.What is so urgent that we are leaving?


A project meeting is held. She sighed opening her eyes and look up at him. He smiles kissing her forehead. After a long time Maan receive a call from dev to come as they are leaving. Both walk back holding each other’s hands.




Precap: drive to Delhi.

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Posted by on July 10, 2011 in ~HIDDEN FEELINGS~


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  1. Jyoti

    July 10, 2011 at 8:27 PM

    maan still cant guess y his mom motive…
    their picnic is ending…
    waiting to know what is store for them when they return to delhi…
    continue soon..


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