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They reach at mansion little late. Khushi slept in geet lap. Geet took Khushi in her arm and take her to their room. Maan parked the car and went inside room. Changing their cloths they slept on either side of Khushi. Maan move his hand on hers which was on Khushi waist. Good night. She closed her eyes entangling her fingers with him. Good night. Kissing Khushi forehead both slept.




It was usual morning, geet wakeup early and makes breakfast for all. When she entre her room Maan come out of washroom. Geet my clothes?


Haan aik minute. She goes to cupboard to take his office dress but hear a voice from back. Mama. Both Maan and geet turn to find Khushi in her night dress. You will dress me. She said stubbornly sitting on bed. Geet sighed and go to Khushi room taking her uniform she comes back. Sitting in front of her she starts to dress her. Maan, take your shirt from cupboard. But in spite of taking shirt he come and hugs her from back.I will not wear it until you will give me. He kisses her cheek. Acha, if I will not give you shirt you will roam shirtless.  Khushi giggle covering her mouth. Maan come to her ear whispering. I love to roam around you cloth less. She gasp looking at Khushi she was busy with her doll. Sharam karo kuch beti saamne hai. He laughs kissing her neck. Jaldi karo Na. im getting late.


Papa, I also want to go to school. You are big. Wear your cloths yourself. Both giggle looking at him. He looks at geet angrily and bites her cheek. Owww. Khushi move his face. Papa. Danav.


What? What did you said? Wait a minute. Grabbing her he starts to tickle her. Geet try to separate both while Khushi laugh a loud. Sorry papa sorry. He stops kissing her cheek. Geet take Khushi and comb her hair. Now stop it both of you. Uuffhh. She combs her hair while Maan only hug her playing with Khushi.


When Khushi gets ready she goes out for her breakfast and geet help Maan. He holds her waist tight kissing her neck. Maan move. She moves his face. Ufho if you will hold me so tight how am I going to button your shirt. He smile losing his hold but still didn’t stop to kiss her again and again on her lips. Maan. Please let me do. Both of you are getting late. He again kisses her.I was thinking. Why not make Khushi sleep in her room today. She stop and look at him with knotted eyebrow, but his mischief smirk made her blush and look down. Softly hitting his chest she starts again. He giggles again kissing her.




Both Maan and Khushi were in breakfast table, geet sat between both of them. Dad was in living room reading newspaper and mom having breakfast with them. Mama I don’t want milk. I need juice. Geet take orange juice and give to her. Geet you have to come to office remember? Khushi look at geet and Maan. Mom also looks up to her. No papa. Mama will come to pick me up from school.


Well, there is driver to pick you up.  Khushi make a face sitting on geet lap. Mama dekho Na. geet give a glare to maan. Arey, you promised me. You have to come. I don’t know anything. Mom suppressed a smile looking at them. Dad also hides his face in newspaper. But Maan. He cut her.Ok fine, go with your daughter. I don’t need anyone. Making a face he starts eating. Geet look at him for some time and then spoke. Theek hai. I will pick Khushi and then come to office. Kush. He smiles widely kissing her cheek.


Finishing the breakfast they were leaving when geet pick Khushi kissing her forehead and cheek. Bye baby. She smiles kissing her cheek. Bye mama. Suddenly Maan come from back hug her kissing her cheek. Bye mama. All laugh a loud. Making Khushi sit on car she turns to Maan fixing his tie. He kisses her lips and goes to his seat.


Sighing a long breath she enters only to find mom and dad laughing at her. Good. Laugh. Only I know how these two devils are. Khushi is a baby but Maan. Uuffh. She sits beside dad. We really miss this Maan geet. And you know now we love to see him like this. Geet roll her eyes grabbing the glass of water.Yea why not. You people only have to see. It’s me who has to handle them. Both continuous to laugh at her.




Geet pick up Khushi from school and goes to mansion. Changing her cloths both of them went to khurana construction. Entering Maan cabin Khushi ran to him.Papa. We came. He smile making her sit on the desk and calling the reception to not to let anyone in his cabin. Geet come to him but he suddenly pulls her to his lap hugging her. What are you doing? She struggle to let go. Khushi come to geet lap and hug her. Maan pull geet to make her comfortable in his lap.Both of you are impossible. Maan let me go someone will come. Maan and Khushi giggle at her. Khushi kiss her cheek. Mama papa already called. No one will come. He kisses her cheek and rubs his stubble in her neck. Maan please. She rubs her neck. Khushi start to pull his cheek. Papa, you know there is a park near. Maan smile kissing her little hand. We will go there whenever you want. She smiles kissing his cheek. Yay. You’re the best.


Maan and geet smile looking at her. Suddenly geet eyes popped out feeling his hand under her kameez. Maan. She whispered trying to remove his hand. Khushi look at her. Kya hua mama? Maan laugh caressing her waist kissing her cheek. Han geet kya hua? She glares at him still struggling to remove his hand. Khushi why don’t you go and play with your coloring book. She smile jumping down and went to her drawing book getting busy in it.


Geet remove his hand and try to get up but her lock his hand around her. Behave yourself Maan. He kisses her neck and shoulder. I’m behaving good Na. she turn her face a little looking at him he smile kissing her lips making her gasp and look at khushi. She hit his hand and stood up straightening her cloths. He chuckled taking his file. Hitting his shoulder she goes to shelf and start keeping his file in order.


After an hour she finishes her work and loom at Khushi who was busy drinking her juice which Maan ordered. Maan entered from his meeting. He smile and kiss her cheek.I need to go now. Khushi have her homework. He turns to Khushi and smile. Fine. Kissing her forehead he called Khushi. She ran to him and he hugs her kissing her forehead and cheek. Papa will be little late today. So finish your homework and sleep well ok. She nods her head. You will bring chocolate for me? He smiles nodding his head.Bye papa. Love you. She kisses her cheek getting down. He turns to geet, hug her and kiss her head. Coming to her ear he whispered.Bye jaan. I love you. You can sleep with your daughter today. But I will make sure soon she should be in her room. Geet blushed looking at Khushi and at him, he wink at her moving back. She kisses his cheek softly going out.




Precap: Sam visiting mansion.

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  1. Jyoti

    July 9, 2011 at 7:49 PM

    geet is surely stuck between 2 devils…lol…
    loved the teasing n everything…
    loved seeing their family like this…
    continue soon…


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