08 Jul





He walked out of lift with bodyguards behind him. As he enters his office, a smile spread through all the office seeing him. He passes his killing smile to all as a greeting. All sat after greeting him and Sasha his secretary follow him. He enters his cabin. Sasha any important meeting today? She gives the file to him. Sir you have a meeting after half an hour. He nods his head looking at the file. Looking up he saw Sasha still standing there. Anything else? He asked raising his eyebrow. WO sir? Your tie is looking good. She smiled shyly. While Maan shook his head smiling at her. She went out.





He is the heartthrob of office, the coolest minded boss. Whole staff was very happy and close to him. But when it comes to work he will be the most serious person. No one think twice before discussing their issue with. He always helps them with all his effort. Never let them down. That’s the reason khurana mansion staff is considered as the most trusted and lovely employees. All gives their best seeing Maan sweet attitude toward them.





He comes out of his meeting. Sasha follows him. Sir, you asked for new designer. She is waiting for you in your cabin. He walks toward his cabin. You go and do your work. Sasha smile leaving to her cabin.  As he entre his cabin he saw a girl standing at window with her back to him.





Excuse me? She turns around.










Maan missed a beat seeing an angelic beauty in front of him. Her beautiful eyes, thin lips, lovely cheek. He was so lost in her. She looks at him and came in front. Hello. He came out of his world. Ahh. Oh. Hmm. come sit.  She sits in front chair. I came for the interview for the architect designer. He picks up her file pretending to read but was looking at her from above of file. What a sweet voice.






Hmm. interesting. He said even though he didn’t have a single glimpse on her profile. So miss? He raised his eyebrow giving a questioning look. Mrs. Gupta. His eyes popped out. What? Mrs.? But she doesn’t look like married. Crack man. Have liked a single girl and that too have to be married. Crap. Not believing it he takes a look at her name. Mrs. Geet gupta. But she is just 22? He looks up to her face. Sad. Hmm it means not happy with her married. Oh shut up Maan. What the hell are you thinking? Stop your evil mind.







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