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Hmm. interesting. He said even though he didn’t have a single glimpse on her profile. So miss? He raised his eyebrow giving a questioning look. Mrs. Gupta. His eyes popped out. What? Mrs.? But she doesn’t look like married. Crack man. Have liked a single girl and that too have to be married. Crap. Not believing it he takes a look at her name.Mrs. Geet gupta. But she is just 22? He looks up to her face. Sad. Hmm it means not happy with her married. Oh shut up Maan. What the hell are you thinking? Stop your evil mind.



Maan was engrossed in his own mind while geet was nervously looking here and there. Sir? He looks up to her. Am I selected?


Oh. Han. Hmm. yes you are. You can join from tomorrow. He smiles handling her file. Taking the file her hand brush with his. Wow such a soft touch. He was losing himself to her. Can I go sir? She asked looking at him. Hmm. ok. You can. He didn’t wanted to let her go, but there was nothing due to which he can stop her. She went to the door. Geet. She turns around. Maan stood and went to her.Congrats. He extends his hand with his sweet smile. She smiled a little shaking his hand. That smile took his breath away, that small dimple and her lips. He shook his head to shrug the thoughts and hold her hand tight for few second and let it go.




Next morning Maan call Adi in his cabin. Adi there is a new designer. When she will come then send her to this cabin. He point to his next cabin. Which have a mirror in-between? Adi look at the cabin and then to him. Ok sir. As you say.


Geet came on time, Maan was watching her from his office, he smile seeing her searching for her cabin. Then Adi guide her to his cabin he saw her settling to her cabin keeping her belongings. She looks here and there examining everything when her eyes fell on Maan. He passed a smile waving his hand. She smile back turning to her desk but she can feel his gaze still on her.




Maan was busy whole day, he caught up with many projects and meeting. Signing the paper he sighed keeping his head back. But suddenly open his eyes and turn to see geet. She was lost in drawing her design.

He smile, such a lovely girl. How can a husband let such a lovely wife to work doesn’t he have any work. His eyes fell on her neck. No mangalsutra and sindoor. Hmm definitely he is some jerk. Yea. Look. She look so sad, smile only little, always nervous. If I get her husband Na I will not leave that idiot. I mean so stupid man he is. I just want to kick him.




Maan finish all his work at sharp 10. Closing his file he come out of his cabin but was stopped seeing lights still on. Usually all lights will be off at this time. Frowning he turn to check everything when his eyes fell on geet cabin. Lights were on and cabin was still open. Going there he saw her still working on her design. Geet? She looks up. What are you doing? Working hour is finish at 8. Why are you still here? She nervously looks here and there. WO sir main. wo. Actually. He smile and goes close to her. Don’t you think your family will be waiting for you? She looks down nervously. He frowned at her behavior. Why is she so quiet always? Going to her he gently touches her shoulder.Come. I will drop you home. She instantly looks up to him. Nahi. She yelled he could see her scared eyes. mera mathlab. Main. wo. chali jaaungi. She mumbled looking down. He holds her chin making her look at him. And I will not let you go alone. Come I will drop you. She looks in his eyes, she herself even doesn’t know why but she believes him. He holds her shoulder and brings her out to the car.


She sat silently looking out of window. Maan look her every now and then. What kind of husband she have? Does he even care for her? How could he be so careless not even coming to receive her? He looks at her eyes, she looks so sad. He didn’t like it; he feels the pain looking at her in this condition. Whole day she didn’t talk to anyone in the office. Was just busy with her work. She guide him her house. They reach there. It was a small but beautiful cottage.


It’s beautiful. She looks at him confusingly. Your house. It beautiful. He looks at her and she look ahead to her house. Thank you sir. She turns to leave but Maan hold her arm. She turns and looks at his hold and then to him, he instantly removes his hand.You can call me Maan. We are not in office. She looks at him for some time. He is so different. So sweet. Someone who touches your heart so easily. She smile nodding her head and went out. He looks her opening the door with her keys and switching the light. She was about to close the door when she look at his car. He smiles waving her bye. She smile and close the door.


Maan sat there thinking. The house seems small. There was no one, where is her husband and family? If her behavior is because of her husband then I’m not leave him. He cursed him and starts his car giving a last look at her cottage.





Precap: Maan trying to remove geet nervousness.


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  1. kavita

    July 16, 2011 at 6:42 PM

    hidden feeling is astory which work as aslow poison and we addict thanx a lot i read it 4 times and eagerly waiting for next


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