forever with you

07 Jul




The project is going on worst state, he tried giving his best but nothing was working. No one was interested in such an old project. He is not getting any proposals or his proposals are always rejecting.  Brij case is also not in good place. He is nowhere to be found. He was scared. What if they reached to geet? She is not well. Doctor has told not to give any tension to her, she should be happy. High blood pressure is not good for her. And now this. He sighed a long breath keeping his lips on her cheek, he can handle everything but not this. He can’t see her like this, so week and scared. He will not be able to live without her.



It was morning, geet slowly open her eyes and find Maan sleeping, she smile sleepy and come close to him. She cares his cheek with her thumb, slowly tracing her fingers on his stubble he stirred a little holding her waist bring her close. She smiles even in his dream he wants her to be close to be him. Very softly kissing his lips she goes to take a bath. She come out wrapping a towel around her, Maan was not in bed. Where have he gone. Suddenly she receives a hug from back. Missing me? He kisses her shoulder drinking the drop of water. She smile turning around moving her arm around his neck. He was shirtless, she move her one hand over his chest tracing her finger. His eyes were on her seductive watery lips. She chuckled knowing his desire and touch her lips with his. He holds her waist with one hand and hair with another bringing her face more closely. Both kissed passionately sucking eacHothers mouth. He sucked her tongue making fist on her hair. Leaving her mouth he move his lips to her jaw line sucking her skin. She gasped holding his hair closing her eyes breathing heavily. He kisses her neck biting her skin and moving to collarbone.


Both were disturbed by the ringing of phone. He bites her neck. Ouch. She whispered softly smiling with her closed eyes. opening her eyes she saw him looking at her lovingly giving him a quick kiss she turn around to pick her phone.  While Maan hug her from back nibbling her shoulder. Hello. He removes her hair to one side kissing passionate. She shivered badly eyeing him to stop but he didn’t.Hello? Who this? But there was silence on the other side. Maan move to her cheek kissing, and going to her ear biting her earlobe. Ouch Maan. She cut the call turning around. He holds her hair moving her face so he could kiss her throat. Sucking there his hand caressed her thigh. He kissing her chin and then move to her lips gently nibbling them. She moves back kissing his cheek.


Not going to office today? He nuzzles her neck, no, not feeling like. She smiles closing her eyes feeling him. Soon she feels her leg above the ground. He glued her body to his, slowly crossing her legs around his waist she lock her arm around his neck kissing his throat. His hand move to her thigh moving up and down. She was going out of control, moving back she kiss his eyes, nose, cheek and then to lips. At first she gives a soft kiss and move back looking at him. I *kiss* love *kiss* you. With that she captures his lips with her.


Maan lay her on bed lying on top of her, his hands move to her towel removing it from her body and remove his track. Soon both lied bare under the spread. He moves down to her breast. She gasped feeling him sucking her n***** cupping hard another b**** she hold his hair tight closing her eyes. His mouth hungrily kissing sucked and nibbled her n*****. She arched back by his desire scratching her nails on his back bring his face more close. His hand move down feeling her stomach caressing her skin moving down he kiss every part of her making her more breathless. Going to her face he kisses her forehead entering her. She grabs the bed sheet and his shoulder. He moves in making her breathless by his passion. He move down moving more down on her, his face on her b**** kissing her skin while moving forth and down. She opens her. Mouth to inhale breath but was unable by their passion. She holds his back pulling him more on her moaning louder. He stop for a while kissing her neck. She starts breathing he kiss her heart. Looking at her face he looks at her close eyes.  She slowly open her eyes, he smile starting his movement again. She inhaled moving with him.


They laid there holding eacHothers, not wanting to move away. Geet phone start ringing, she stirred and turn around to pick her phone. Hello. But again there was no reply. Fed up with continuous blank call she hangs it and keeps it. A stupid person doesn’t want to talk but still calls. Maan come from behind kissing her back moving her hair. She smiles closing her eyes. He kisses all over her back caressing her waist. She giggles feeling ticklish and turn around. He kisses her lips and start nuzzling her neck. She brushes his hair looking at ceiling feeling him. You look so disturb now a days. He stop for a while thinking weather to tell her or not. Maan. Moving back he looks at her eyes. kya hua? She asks brushing his hair back. He hugs her kissing her neck. He was dying to share his burden with her but stress in not good for her.


She waited for him to say anything but instead felt his heavy breath on her skin after sometime. Smile she too close her eyes. Both again stirred with her phone ringing. Maan was now frustrated, taking her phone he switched it off. Geet move to his arm tracing her finger on his throat keeping her head on his chest. He looks up.Maan, I want to go away from her for some time. He starts to move his hand up and down on her back. We will geet, just let this project finish. She looks up to him keeping her hand under her chin. How much more time it will take? He sighed closing his eyes. He too doesn’t know how much it will take. Just a little more.


You are lying to me. He opens his eyes to look at her, how he can forget she reads him. He can never lie to him. Geet, I’m trying honey. She moves up to him kissing his neck. I’m hungry. He looks at her and both laugh. Let’s go eat out today. She nods excitedly and holds the spread around her entering the bathroom where soon Maan joined her.



They reach the hotel and ordered their food  Geet snuggled closer to him playing with his finger. After a while food arrived and both ate in a silence, finishing their food geet suggested to go to beach for a while. They sat on sand geet with her back rested on Maan chest, he kiss her neck and shoulder. We are spending time together after so many weeks. He kisses her cheek.I know mishti, I’m being hard. But trust me; let this project end we will go out for some time. She smiles turning her face. He kisses her lips softly.I love you. He receives a call from office to be there urgently. He drops her home giving her last kiss and hugs and went to office. When geet was entering sameera saw a glow and smile on her face, there were love bite marks on her neck to which she look disgustingly. She still loves Maan and can’t bear to see him with someone else.




Precap: sameera coming to maanet room.


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3 responses to “forever with you

  1. dia

    July 7, 2011 at 12:23 PM


  2. Jyoti

    July 7, 2011 at 1:03 PM

    who is the caller…sam?? i dont think so….
    continue soon…

    • zoha25

      July 7, 2011 at 1:51 PM

      lolz i also dont know.
      thnk u


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