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Part 15





It’s ok. We are wet, good that we will be dry reaching there. Both walked for about half an hour and finally reached to a restaurant. Geet was feeling cold; she shivered holding her arms rubbing them. They sat and Maan orders food for them. She was shivering badly. He smiles wrapping his arm around her. Feeling cold? She nods keeping her head on his shoulder. The food arrived little later. They ate silently enjoying each other’s closeness.


They send whole their day out. And it was almost night when both made their way to farmhouse.




Geet got call from Maan. Hello.


Hello geet, come to xxx shop right now. She gets confused. What? But why?


Ufho don’t ask questions just come now. She immediately ran out. The shop was near. She enters there and fined maan. He smile looking at her and hold her shoulder bringing her to the mirror. She looks at him confusingly. But soon finds a chain around her neck. There where alphabet written on it. MKG? She looks up to him frowning. He smiles holding her shoulder from back.Maan ki geet. Sirf Maan ki. She blushed by the choice of his word. Looking at the chain she smiles touching it. He looks at her face turning red slowly chuckling her kiss her cheek.


Paying the bill both walk out. Let’s have breakfast. He holds her waist and walk to the same restaurant they went before. Geet ordered two orange juices and a sandwich while Maan ordered salad.I heard papa saying we will leave after two days. He nods holding her hand and playing with her fingers. Have some work there. She rolls her eyes. Yea, stupid business. Always ruin peace. He smiles kissing her fingers. She somewhere feels comfortable by his kiss. He always does it. She loves it.


The food arrived and both start to eat.Maan, you are so boring. Eating only salad. Here take this a little. She moves her sandwich near his lips. He smiles taking a bite. Both finish their breakfast and went out after paying the bill. I will take you somewhere. She holds his arm and drags him. After some time they reach the place.


Maan finds no one there else them. It was beautiful scenery. Hard splashing water to the big stone. Birds walking on the sand area, it was raining lightly. She ran and sat on one bog stone. Water came spalshing to her leg. It’s my favorite place. I always used to cone here when I feel low. This place is on papa name, so no one comes here. She turns to look at him. It’s my secret place. She whispered smiling. Her eyes couldn’t open fully due to sunlight. You see, it’s so hot. But still it’s raining here. That’s the reason I like it. Maan smile and walk to her. He sat behind her on the same stone hugging her from back.


They sat there in silence enjoying the water. Both were half drenched. Geet raise her face closing her eyes. Rain fall down on her face she smiles keeping her head back to his shoulder looking up. He looks at her, losing himself to her. She is one simple beauty. He was desperate to taste her lips but it’s dangerous to take step so fastly. Instead he kiss her cheek, jaw line, and move to her neck. She holds his hand tight feeling him. His lips move to her throat nibbling the skin. She inhaled a long breath.


Suddenly a water splash to both of them brining them back, both were now fully drenched. She looks at him he chuckled and kisses her eyes. She turns her face to the water again. He keeps his chin on her shoulder kissing her cheek. She entangles her finger with his. It’s not friend ship. It was a statement more than a question. He kisses her neck. She is slowly understanding there closeness. It’s not. He said looking ahead. Both didn’t talk after that. She was not sure, what should she name her feelings. And Maan was quiet, patiently wanting her to understand herself the feeling.


They stayed there for long. Almost for whole day. Didnt even care about eating anything. Maan loved the place and he was not willing to leave it. They played with sand, went inside the water, played with the birds. It was getting dark. Geet was sitting in sand and Maan lied down keeping his head on her lap. His eyes were close. Geet touch her chain again looking at the alphabet. She loves the sound Maan ki geet. Laughing slowly she look ahead. Maan open his eyes finding her playing with the chain. It also has another meaning. She looks down at him. Huh?  He sits in front of her. The letters. They have another meaning. She look at the letters and then to him making a confuse face. What? He didn’t reply but smile lying again on her lap closing his eyes. It’s your job to figure it out. Then you will know our hidden feelings. He open his eyes to look at her, she was looking at the letters curiously. Smiling he close his eyes.




They finally manage to reach home little late. All were sleeping but anjali was awake. She saw both of them entering. Great. Now both of you decided to come. She saw both of them drenched.Oh god. You both are wet. Maan go change your dress and geet come. Taking geet she makes her sit on bed and look for a dress from her luggage. Take this. Giving her a night suit her eyes fell on her chain. What’s this? Geet look at her and find her looking at her chain. She smiles.Maan gave it to me. Anjali sit on bed touching it. What does it mean? Geet was feeling shy telling her. But she shares everything with anjali. Maan ki geet. She whispered looking down. Anjali eyes popped out. Wow, great one Maan. Now if someone sees this. There will be mess. But bhabhi he said there’s another meaning in these letters. I really can’t get that. Anjali frowned, she look at the letters, another meaning. M for Maan. G for geet. And k. what hidden in it?  Mkg. she mumered in her mind. Then her eyes popped out. Mk Maan khurana. It means. GEET MAAN KHURANA. Oh my god. He has proposed this dumb and here she is finding the meaning. She was scared now. What if someone finds the chain? Geet is so innocent that she will just spill out. But Maan, he is so serious about her that he possessively announced her as his.  She smile, so sweet of both of them. God bless them.





Precap: picnic coming to an end.






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  1. Jyoti

    July 6, 2011 at 4:42 PM

    MKG ….loved it…
    loved both the meaning…
    amjali understood it…but geet has to find out…


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