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After that she sat in living room with all. You are not going to office dad. He smiles looking at mom. No geet. I quiet. Maan is handling all very well. So he suggests me to sit home and rest. He said with a pride in his face which geet was dying to see. She was so happy that finally Maan have made him proud. He handled everything so good. Office, home, Khushi. Just for her. Only her. But still somewhere last night his word scared her to believe him so easily. Yes she loves him but she will not show it so easily. She has to be confirmed first that he will never change.





Geet entered in khurana construction with Khushi. The whole office is so changed, so big. She couldn’t even recognize Maan cabin. Going to reception she asked. Excuse me. Maan ka cabin kaha hai?  Before the receptionist could reply she heard a voice from back. Geet? She turns around to find Sasha. Sasha. How are you? She came and hugs her. Oh my god geet, I don’t believe its you. Such a long time. Where were you Han? Geet smile. Yea long time.


When did you come back?


Just yesterday. Sasha hugs her again. It’s so good to see you. We really missed you. Geet smiled looking at her and then look at Khushi. I don’t know where Maan cabin is.


Mama, I know. Come. She drags her. Sasha stood behind smiling both of them. She was the old worker here and knew everything about them.


Geet entered Maan cabin, he was busy in his laptop. Papa. Khushi yelled running to him. He made her sit in his lap and kissed her cheek. Looking above he saw geet standing at door. Geet come Na. he stood up taking khushi in his arms. You came so suddenly. He said guiding her to his chair. She sat their looking at him. I just wanted to. He grabs a chair and sat beside her. You should have told me. I could bring you with me. Khushi went to the sofa taking her drawing book which is always present there. You came here without telling me. He smile, geet takes the file from the table and start reading them while Maan just adore her.


There are so many projects.


Hmm. he takes the file from her hand and keeps it on the table. Taking her hand he kissed them. Why don’t you join me? She look at him confuse. What should she say, she was not sure why Maan asking her this question? Does he want her to handle everything or just wants to spend time with her? Maan read her look. Kissing the corner of her lips he says. You will be with me 24 hours.


Khushi will be alone. I want to be with her. She said looking at Khushi. He looks at her for some time and then spoke up. I don’t have a meeting for some time. Why not we have a drive. Khushi ran up to Maan hearing his word. Yay, yes papa lets go. Whooommm. Both chuckled. Let’s go. Maan took her in his arm. There was a knock on the door. Sir, Mr. Manchanda has come. He is waiting for you in conference room. With that the receptionist went out. Maan turn to geet and then look at khushi baby just wait for some time, I will come after this meeting. She holds her tight. No. no waiting. We will go now. He looks at geet for some help. She came forward and takes Khushi in her arm.



Khushi is a good girl. She will wait for papa. Haina baby? She makes a big face. Maan come and hug geet from back smiling at Khushi but she turns her face away twisting her lips. Geet smiled and look at Maan. He sighed tightening her hold on geet waist. Keeping his chin on her shoulder.  Hmm. jaan my baby is so angry with me.  Khushi move his face away from geet shoulder. He again put it. Arey she is my wife. She makes a face looking at geet. She smiles, typical Maan angry face. Ok how about an ice cream? She looks at him from corner of her eyes. You will buy ice cream for me? She asked looking at him with her big red face. He nods smiling. She suddenly gasped kissing his cheek. Yay. Ice cream. Mama ice-cream. Both laugh at her. Maan kiss geet cheek and ran out to conference room.




When he came back, he slowly opens the door to find Khushi busy with her drawings and geet with setting his file in shelf. Smiling him slowly went and hugs her from back kissing her neck. These file are kept so badly, who keeps them. He smiles kissing her jaw line. No one is here to keep them in order. Why not you keep them up to date always. She turns around knowing what exactly he wants. Moving her one arm around his neck and another on his chest. She look at Khushi and then to him.


Khushi needs me now. I can’t just leave her and join business. He sighed looking down making a sad face. She knows he is doing this on purpose. God she have two people now. Putting her hand on his cheek. I will come here for some hours always but for some hours. He smiles widely hugging her. I love you soooo much.


Still you have much to do?


I can do everything when you are with me. Both look at each other’s eyes. Suddenly Khushi scream. Papa? You came. She runs to him. He picks her up. Hmm. lets go now. Holding geet by waist they went out.




In the car Khushi was continuously disturbing Maan, pulling his cheek, ear, or tie. He only smiles tickling her while driving. Khushi stop disturbing papa. He is driving baby. She giggles trying to hold his hand but geet pulled her and keep her head in her chest. Bus, let papa drive. She laughs looking at Maan. He glances at her and start tickling her. Both laughs when geet move his hand. Maan stop. Don’t forget your driving. Both laugh again while she rolls her eyes.


They reached the ice cream shop. He ordered two ice creams and one coffee. Papa why two ice cream? He smiles looking at geet. Your mama always eats from my cup.  She eats only little. Not understanding anything Khushi turns looking out of window. Geet look at Maan. He still remembers she love eating from his cup and she always drink coffee after ice cream. Maan look at her and smile, she instantly look down. Ice cream came, Khushi jumped on backseat eating her ice cream. Maan gives the ice cream to geet and keeps the coffee on holder. Starting the drive she asked him to eat but he just opens his mouth. She looks at him for some time and then finally feed him with her hand.


They reach at mansion little late. Khushi slept in geet lap. Geet took Khushi in her arm and take her to their room. Maan parked the car and went inside room. Changing their cloths they slept on either side of Khushi. Maan move his hand on hers which was on Khushi waist. Good night. She closed her eyes entangling her fingers with him. Good night. Kissing Khushi forehead both slept.




Precap: poor geet in-between two devils

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  1. Jyoti

    July 6, 2011 at 8:22 AM

    awesome part…
    finally their family is complete…
    loving it..


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