loving lamentss

01 Jul




As geet entered the room she was shocked. Whole wall was decorated with her and their pic. There was also some Khushi pic. She smile thinking Maan has missed her so much that he tried to keep her close by seeing her everywhere. Tracing her finger to every picture she looks at them. How much she missed all this. Her Maan. Her daughter. How much she wanted to hold her like this. To see this family again. Maan have kept everything according to her wish in the room. It was clean, beautiful just as she wanted.





Geet sat on the bed with Khushi on her lap. She traces her little finger on geet face, her cheek, chin and eyes. Wiping the tears. No cry mama. She smiled hugging, kissing her head. Maan entered the room seeing both his love ones he smiled and sat behind geet hugging her and keeping his chin on her shoulder. Papa. Mama looks like me. Both chuckled at her innocence. No baby. You look like mama. She smiled widely kissing her mama both cheek.I missed you so much mama, me and papa really missed you a lot. Tears rolled down her eyes. Geet felt her shoulder getting wet; I think I have to handle two cry babies. Khushi giggles hugging her while Maan hug her from back kissing her neck. Khushi, tell your mama to promise that she won’t leave us again. Khushi look at her with pleading eyes. Mama promise karo Na. geet turn her face to Maan, he look at her with teary eyes. You’re blackmailing me. He smiled. Of course. She turns to Khushi. Kissing her forehead she replied. I love you baby. Suddenly Khushi moved back. I have so much to say you mama, you know…. she started off saying everything thing to her while geet listen to her with a smile on her face. Maan kiss her cheek every now and then.


After a long time Khushi dint even stopped a while. Geet whispered softly. She is just like you. But she chatters more than you. He smiles kissing her cheek and whispering. I’m afraid you have two to handle now. They sat their listening to their daughter. Maan felt geet getting tired. Bus baby. Enough now mama is tired. You should also sleep. Saying this he takes her and made her lye on bed knowing she will not go to her room today.  Mama. She extends her arm for geet. Geet smiled lying besides her patting her back. Maan went to change.


When he return he saw Khushi sleeping peacefully on geet arms. Smile he went and lye behind geet hugging her from back.I have been waiting for this for so long. Khushi was in deep sleep, kissing her forehead she turns around. Maan bring her close holding her waist. Her hand move to his face, cheek admiring him. Only she knows how much she missed sleeping with her family between her daughter and her life. Her fingers trace his stubbles. I’m so happy you are back. I was feeling so suffocated, so lonely. I needed you so much. She comes close, giving him a light feather kiss on his lips. He sighed holding her, keeping his lips on hers for longer. Bringing her beneath him. Slowly bring her lips in his mouth.


Both start to nibble each other’s lips. How much she tries but she couldn’t be away from him. Going out of breath he moves away keeping his forehead on her, both breathing heavily. Khushi stirred keeping her hand on geet stomach moving close to her arms. She turns around and hugs her hiding her smile and blush. Maan lie down and hug her keeping his cheek on hers. Playing with her fingers which were on Khushi waist. Both laid in a silent. Geet smile was not stopping she hide her face in Khushi neck not wanting to show him. Not at least now.


I’m tired geet. Very tired. I can’t hold so much alone. Please. I did whatever you wanted. Whatever you said. But now I’m tired. I want to leave everything and be with you only. Please.


Her smile faded, breath was caught on her throat. The moment she feared finally came. The thing due to which she was hiding herself came in front of her. Every hard work went in vain. She jerks his hand away from her. He again holds her.Please jaan. She jerks it again. He holds her shoulder. After a long time she turn around. He put his hand on her cheek looking at her eyes. If you said that again, I will leave you again. And this time for…. he put his finger on her lips not letting her to complete. Please. Don’t say that. I really need you geet. Cupping his face she whispered softly. I will be. Always. But only if you continue where you are. He looks at her eyes. It was hard for him now. If geet is with him he wants to spend more of his time with her. But he can’t let her down like this. Sighing he kiss her forehead. I promise. I will. She moves forward hugging him. Her nightmare was still there. She can’t trust him so easily. He have to work harder now after this.




Slowly opening her eyes she smiled sleepily seeing Khushi sleeping in her arm with one arm around geet neck. She kiss her chubby cheeks admiring her closely, she truly looks like her. Same eyes, same lips, same cheeks and same hair. She chuckled remembering her chatters. Just like Maan. Turning around she didn’t find Maan. Where is he?


Getting up she goes to cupboard hoping for some cloths. Opening it she was shocked to see her dresses were neatly hanged. Maan have kept everything so nicely. Taking a white dress she went to take a shower.


Coming out she saw Khushi sitting on bed rubbing her eyes looking here and there. Going to her she kisses her forehead putting her in her lap.Good morning. She smiles kissing geet cheek. Morning. And keeps her head on geet chest closing her eyes. She pats her sometime but she didn’t sleep. Moving back she just admires her mother.Today mama will make breakfast for you. But before that let’s take you for a shower. She excitedly nods running to her room.


Giving Khushi a bath she went to kitchen to make her a breakfast. Khushi went to living room to sit with dad and dadi. Geet enters the kitchen and find mom there. Mom. She turns around giving her a smile. You wake up. Good I was waiting for you. Geet smile standing beside her. Where is Maan? Mom could only smile. She is not changed. The first thing she always wants to see in morning was always Maan and now too. He went to office beta. He has a meeting. He told me to tell you. Geet look at her mom. He is changed geet. He is not the Maan you left. Sometime we feel so good with the change, but sometime so bad. Geet knot her eyebrow. Bad for what?


 He has become so rude. He has no friends. No one geet. He never talks to us like before. He never smiles. The only time we see him smile is when he will be with Khushi.



Geet look at her in shock. Maan changed so much. But she didn’t feel it. He was same with her. Like before. Why he have no more friends? She remembers his words last night. I felt so suffocated, so lonely. The pain. She knows how it feels to be alone. To laments you’re every deed. How much he went through just to make her happy.


Keeping the thought for later she made breakfast for Khushi. Mama you will feed me. She jumped on her lap. Geet smile feeding her lovingly.


After that she sat in living room with all.You are not going to office dad. He smiles looking at mom. No geet. I quiet. Maan is handling all very well. So he suggests me to sit home and rest. He said with a pride in his face which geet was dying to see. She was so happy that finally Maan have made him proud. He handled everything so good. Office, home, Khushi. Just for her. Only her. But still somewhere last night his word scared her to believe him so easily. Yes she loves him but she will not show it so easily. She has to be confirmed first that he will never change.




Precap: geet visiting to office.


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Posted by on July 1, 2011 in ~LOVING LAMENTS~


One response to “loving lamentss

  1. Jyoti

    July 1, 2011 at 5:37 PM

    lovely part…
    both khushi n maan missed her so much…
    maan has changed …but with geet coming back…dont know what will happen…
    i am sure he would’nt go back to his old ways…coz he will lose her again…
    continue soon..


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