loving laments

25 Jun




Her thought went to Khushi, she was desperate to see her, hold her, hug her and kiss her. Give her the love which she missed so many years. Their little angel have suffered a lot in-between them. She wanted to see her, how she looks like. What she likes and what not. Hope so Maan didn’t made her stubborn. Caressing his hair, thinking of Khushi she again close her eyes and sleep.




Sam and Lora woke up early, going out they saw geet in the kitchen. Sam look at her, she look so calm, as if nothing happened. Going to her she tried to ask her the reason she left. Good morning. She turns morning.



 Again went to her task. She didn’t even smile. Sam was so confused by her behavior. She is behaving just like Khushi. Not interested at all. What are you doing? Lora asked her. Making coffee for Maan. He has a meeting. Lora rolled her eyes while Sam looks at the coffee.Sir doesn’t like so hard coffee. She didn’t reply, just give her a glimpse and again turn to coffee. Did you asked him where was he all these years? Lora asked geet even knowing she will never ask him. Sam look both of them, wanting to tell how he was but stopped remembering Maan word that she don’t like when someone interfere between them.


Geet you will not go with him. Sam couldn’t digest the words.Why not. Khushi is waiting for her. She should go. Geet poured the coffee in the cup, turning to them she said in a warning tone. Enough. It’s between us. With that she went in her room. She is weird. Sam made a face. Lora smiled at her. Yes she is. It’s been so long she is with me, but I still don’t understand her. How can you. They both are something else.


She enters the room, at the same time Maan came out from washroom, a towel around his neck. He took the coffee and drinks it. Hmm. i missed it. Going to her he gave her half hug. Only my jaan can give me what I want. He never drinks this hard coffee, because only she knew his taste. She always has made for him. But after her he quit drinking it. He saw geet, she looked down immediately. I have a meeting. She nods her head keeping the tray on table. He saw her avoiding to look at her, he smiled inwardly knowing whenever she used to control herself she does it. She gives him shirt without looking at his eyes. He goes near to her, she look down. He takes the shirt and forwards it to her. She knows what he wants. Without questioning him she takes the shirt and start making him wears. Going back she guides it to his hand, slowly moving up her hand brush his skin giving Goosebumps to both. Moving to other side she slides his shirt to his arm. coming in front she start to button the shirt slowly controlling herself, not wanting to show him she still is effected by his touch. But Maan knew her too well. He knows she is also having the same feeling as he is having by her touch. Bringing her close by holding her waist, she continued to button the shirt.


Suddenly his phone ring. He moves away to take the phone from the bed. A smile crept on his lips seeing the caller id. Turning to geet he says. It’s Khushi. An excitement came to her eyes, she ran to him, almost snatching the phone. He smiled moving it away. She gave him a glare. He smiled and came to her back, hugging her. Don’t talk. He whispered putting the call in speaker, still hugging her with his one hand. Morning papa. A tear escaped from her eyes listening to her daughter, her voice is so sweet, and she smiled. For the first time after so many years he saw her smile, not for him but he will make this smile for him too. Kissing her cheek he says. Morning princess. How are you? Geet take the mobile in her one hand and with another holds Maan hand which was on her stomach. I’m fine. But missing you so much.


Missing you too baby.


Papa, you remember Na you promised for chocolate.  He chuckled again kissing geet. I know. I will bring it. And yes we are coming today. He said wiping geet tears. She turns to look at his eyes, gently kissing her lips he moves away. Bye baby.


Bye papa. Love you. Geet tried to say something but Maan hang-up. She turns around. Why didn’t you let me talk? She said pouting her lips starting to button his shirt again. He holds her waist. Because I want to give her surprise. Finishing the button she fixes. His collar.And yea. I want you to pack your bag when I come back. He smiles. I’m taking you back home. She looks into his eyes.What if I deny on going with you. He smiles cupping her face.You can never deny me. Kissing her forehead he says. I will be back soon. He moved to go, but was stopped by a hold.

She holds his hand seeing him going away. Be turned around to her. She hugs him keeping her head on his chest holding his waist. He smiled holding her back. She was so much longing to be in his arm, for him to hold her safe. I’m missing her. 

 He kisses her head. You will see her soon. But she didn’t move. Staid there closing her eyes.




Geet was packing her bag, Lora and Sam entered. Geet think again. She didn’t reply but continued to pack. Lora sighed; no one can change her decision now. She knew well the day Maan will come she will not think twice and go with him.


It was evening, trio sat in sofa watching TV. Geet was engrossed in her thought. Maan is so changed, the person who hates to wake up early, woke so early for his meeting. Even in this important day he dint left the meeting. He sounds so soft with Khushi. Khushi was so happy. He must have really kept her happy and much pampered. She speaks like Maan, demandingly. She was so happy to see all these. So happy that she will soon see her daughter. She remembers the morning incident. it was the first time after their marriage she have seen so much love in his eyes, infact it was first time this love was seen. The warmth of his embrace, she felt so good. Like her world is there, and yes it is. But she can’t just show him now. She first has to make sure that did he really change? Will he really be able to be same now? She will not be weak this time. Not until she will be sure that Maan is enough responsible. He will have to face her silence, ignorant. Although she can’t ignore him but yes she will not love him openly, the way she always did. She will not support him until her trust will be back.












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  1. audiwalia

    June 26, 2011 at 2:09 PM

    Dey r quite weird . . . . . I mean nor he neither she demands any clarification???


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