forever with you

18 Jun

Moving away she opens the door to find Vicky. He smiles at her. Bhabhi can I talk to you in my room. Geet frowned looking at his face. Turning to Maan, he also gave her a confusing look. What’s wrong Vicky? Vicky smiled uncomfortably.Nothing bro. it’s just. Wanted to talk to bhabhi for while. Geet look at him and says.Fine Vicky. Let’s go. With that both went out leaving a confusing Maan behind.
Both geet and Vicky entered his room; he made her sit in the bed and sat in front of her. Seeing her serious face gently smile holding her hand. You know something bhabhi, when dad past away, this family shattered very badly. He looks down sadly. But you came and changed everything. You changed Annie. You changed bhai. Geet smiled thigtening her hold. Today I want to say you something. Something which I hide from everyone from three years. She looks at him curiously. Bhabhi. There is a girl, I love her. She looks at him popping her eyes.From three years? He nods his head looking down. Still holding her hand. Then why didn’t you tell anyone. He sighed. Bhabhi, this family was not like it is now. All of us were busy with our own life. I never got anyone to share it with. Even not that girl. She gasped. You didn’t even tell her.
No. she doesn’t know it.
Why didn’t you tell her Vicky?
I don’t know. But I never tried too.  She looks at him for sometime then smile. Holding his cheek she ask him who is she? He smiled shyly.  And whispered. Meera. Her eyes popped out, she gasped a loud and asked him. What did you say? Meera. Our meera. He smiled looking at her.
She immediately became angry and smacked his arm. You idiot, moron, jerk. You love her for three years but didn’t tell her. How could you.
But bhabhi how can me? He made an innocent face. She slaps him on his cheek. Vicky you are such a stupid. Shaking her head she looks at him. So what made you tell me this? He looks at her and shrugged his shoulder. I just wanted to.
Oh yea. You just wanted to. Again hitting his arm.kehte kyun nahi, you need my help. He smiles at her. Coming close kiss her cheek. You are the best bhabhi. She smiles shaking her head. Hmm. let me think. She thinks for some time and then smiled. I got it.
What? What?
Remember, meera wanted to get admission for her bachelor. He nods his head. So. What if she gets admission over here and lives with us. He gasped hugging her. Ohh bhabhi you are great. I love you. She smiles hugging him back. Lekin. He moved back. What will happen if she will live here? In return he again got a slap. Holding his cheek he looks at her making a baby face. Stupid, if she lives here, then you can spend time with her. Befriend with her and can know more about her. His smile only got widened all the while.  When she finish he again kiss her cheek. You are awesome.
But both heard a noise. Turning around Vicky found Maan standing at door, clearing his throat. Ahem. He came forward. Both stood up. I think you forgot. She is my wife.

Geet smile standing beside him while Vicky suppresed a smile seeing his bro jealous from him. What bhai, she is my bhabhi.
So what. You cannot kiss her.
Oh cmon bro. doesn’t be so nosy. Geet giggle side hugging him and kiss his cheek. Oh, he just melts. Forgetting his every anger. He smiled looking at her. Vicky looks both of them. They were truly madefrom heaven. For each other’s only. He smiles at Maan, who never smile. But whenever he is with geet a smile is also seen in his face. He prayed silently, they always are happy like this. koi bhuri nazar na lage.
Both enters there room. So what was so important he wanted to say? Geet smile going toward bed picking his office cloths. Nothing important. He just wanted to talk. He came behind her and hugs her.hmm. I also have to talk to you. She turns around frowning. He smiled holding her waist, coming close to her lips. But soon frowned feeling her fingers on his lips. Opening his eyes he says her smiling. No talking. Moving back she says mischevely. I’m sleepy. Remember tomorrow we have to go early. So no sleeping late. She smiles lying on bed. Good night. She shouts and closes her eyes. He stood there for a moment. Then went and slept behind her bringing her in his embrace kissing her cheek. Good night mishti. She smiles holding his hand, feeling his breath other hair. He played with her fingers. Keeping his head on her cheek. So, where do you want to go tomorrow? She sighed lightly feeling his lips on her neck.I will tell you when we will be out. But it’s going to be whole day ok. He smiled kissing her shoulder. Anything for you. Both silently lay for some time. Soon Maan felt her sleeping. He smiled slowly holding her shoulder and turning her around bringing her in his arm knowing that the only ace where she sleeps peacefully. Kissing her forehead and eyes, caressing her hair. She stirred a little and holds his waist bringing her face close to his neck. He smile and close his eyes.
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