loving laments

17 Jun



His hear founded out of his chest. Geet left him, she left her Maan. She took his words so seriously. He went mad searching for her in one long year, but then he decided to make himself what she always want him. It took him three years to hold the business. Now he is what she wants but the only thing is left. Is geet. When will she be with him…?





 Maan stood looking outside the window; it was dark, too dark, like his life. He lament the moment he told her to go away. He was frustrated that moment and all went out on her. He said the word which destroyed his life, not only his, but Khushi and geet life. Just because of him today geet is not here with her own daughter. How much she loves her, but still left her to him. Knowing he will not be able to live alone. The reason today he is still having hopes to bring her back is only Khushi.


His thought was disturb by Khushi voice, turning around he find her mumbling in her sleep. Going to her he strokes her hair. What happened baby? She rubbed her eyes mumbling. Water.  He look around, there was no water. He again turns to her. Wait a mint honey. I will go and bring water for you. He went out to take some water from kitchen. As he was passing, he heard brij speaking with someone in phone. He avoided and started walking passes him his room. But was stopped by his words. No, he doesn’t know anything yet. They are leaving tomorrow. Maan frowned. It was them who are leaving tomorrow. Who’s the person he is talking. And what he doesn’t want him to know. He came closer to his door to listen carefully.


Yes, I know. But make sure she shouldn’t know Maan and Khushi are with me. Maan ears got alarmed. Why does he not want him and Khushi to know, the thing he is hiding? What’s going on? Lora, take care of geet. I will call you when they will go.


His heart stops beating. Brij know where is geet. He himself has kept her away from him. His hand becomes fist. He was searching her like mad and here he have hided her from him, from her own daughter.


Brij cut the call and turn around only to find angry Maan standing outside. He suddenly become nervous, the thing which he have hided from five years, he finally came to know. He did not want him to know where she is. Maan entered his room and furiously held his collar jerking him back to the wall. You know where geet is. All the while you knew everything. Or should I say it’s you who have took her away from him. His holds were hurting brij. He winced. Leave me. He holds him more aggressively. How dare you? Brij hold his. Hand tight and jerk him away. Yes I know. I kept her away from you. Because I don’t want you to ruin her life more.


What? You ruined her life by keeping her away from me, from Khushi. From all of us. How can you think she will be happy without me, without Khushi?


Brij look at him. Maan was right; she was and will never be happy without them.


How can you? Her daughter needs her. How can you keep her away from her own daughter? She must be waiting for me, don’t know how long. I’m finding her like anything in the world. But you always kept her away from me. Even knowing very well she can’t live without both of us.


Brij went to long thought by Maan words. His every word was right. He knows exactly how geet is suffering even after not having any knowledge about her. Where was this love, when she left you? When you humiliated her every day, humiliated her feelings, her love, her care.


I know brij. I know I made a mistake. I’m suffering now. Lamenting every moment. But what you did is absolutely not correct. Can’t you see how Khushi misses her? I can feel it, that geet is dying to see Khushi.


Brij look at Maan, he was someone else brij known. The Maan he knows was arrogant, egoistic Maan. This Maan is looking so helpless. Head down, eyes full of tears. He knows geet love him, unconditional. But he always thought Maan never loved her, he only used her. Brij always hated Maan for making her pregnant and not even being with her in the time she needed him the most. But now he can see the same love in his eyes for geet, which he always have seen in geet eyes for him.


Both were disturb by the sound on the door. Turning Round they find Khushi crying, rubbing her eyes. Maan ran to her and hugged her brushing her hair. Papa. WA. Watt. She couldn’t complete due to crying. Maan kissed her cheek. Sshhu. I will get you water now. Don’t cry. Brij look both of them. Seeing Khushi he felt bad. That’s her mistake in all these. He felt sorry for whatever he did to keep them away even after knowing very well geet can never be happy without them.


He saw Maan passing out, Maan. The voice stopped him. He turns to him. Geet is in London. Maan look at him with so much peace in his eyes he smiled widely making his grip around his daughter tight. Brij move to the desk and came infront of him. It’s her address. Maan look at the paper and then to him. His smiled only widened. His happiness was visible in his eyes, but didn’t come out. They needed her to come our.  She is waiting for you. He gave him a side hug, thanking him; he cannot describe how thankful he is. What can he get better than his geet? He has given him his life, his jaan back. He was so happy. Finally he found his geet. His life. He kissed Khushi head and went out. He was out of the world; his geet will be with him soon. Soon he will look at her, hold her in his arm. Khushi will meet her mom.


That night he was not able to sleep. He only wanted to run to her and hug her tight. Keep her close to him. He looks at the address, carssing the letter. Which turn his destiny. He will meet her soon. I’m coming jaan.





Precap: London London…   

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Posted by on June 17, 2011 in ~LOVING LAMENTS~


3 responses to “loving laments

  1. Jyoti

    June 17, 2011 at 4:50 PM

    lovely part…
    brij knew….all the while…well he had his reasons to keep her away…
    but now even he can c the love n helplessness in maan’s eyes…
    cant wait for london….
    continue soon…

    • zoha25

      June 17, 2011 at 7:58 PM

      yea he have is own reason. and he z somewhere right

  2. audiwalia

    June 17, 2011 at 7:54 PM

    Finally!!! I hope he could able convice her to take him bk. . . . I know she is eveready but she still think he’ll became dependent again.


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