hidden feelings

16 Jun

Part 9


This was the happiest day for Maan; he came to know that geet have the same effect for him. She also might like him. He was happy that their relation is progressing slowly. But geet did not understand the strange feeling. She doesn’t know why but everything feels so right, the closeness, the warmth everything feels so good. She spends the whole night in restlessness, not knowing what the feeling is.




It was engagement day, Maan was getting ready. Dev enters his room taking his perfume. Kya baat hai bhai, you seem so happy now days. He said with the mischief look. Maan give him a glare which was enough for him to shut.


Getting ready he went down where his mom, dad and dev were waiting for him. All went out. Maan was desperate to see geet. To see her in his choice of dress. How she will be looking? He smiled a little remembering dev words in his room. Yea he is happy from many days. Life seems to be so beautiful now days. He wants to be with her only, for the first time in his life he tritely wants to escape from everything and spend his time with her.


His thought was disturb by brake. Looking outside he saw the decorated mansion infront of him. Finally he is here. He walks with his family inside. Brij and mohinder were standing and welcomed them. He shook his hand with everyone, but his eyes were only searching her. Where is she? Arjun came to him, both talked for a while. Anjali dad also joined them. Maan dad shook his hand with him.


Congratulation. I must say mohinder is very lucky to have your daughter. Anjali dad smiled. My daughter is lucky to be their daughter in law. Mohinder smiled keeping his hand on his shoulder. Sonali came to them. Well Mr. Khurana meets my second daughter. Sonali. She and geet is childhood friend.  Sonali smiled folding her hands in front of them. Namaste uncle. Namaste aunty. Maan mom smiled keeping her hand on her forehead. Jeeti raho beta. You are really beautiful. Sonali smiled looking down.


Maan mom somewhere liked sonali appearance. Her eyes were fixed on her.


Maan became restless not finding geet. Without thinking twice he went to sonali. Sonali, where is geet.


She is in her room. I don’t know what’s taking her so long. She said irritated but smiled looking at him.


From far there was another person smiling seeing Maan and sonali speaking. Maan mom was happy to see Maan and sonali together.


Maan made his way to geet room. No wonder what’s taking her so long? All are here, every guest arrived. Anjali and ajay are going to be engaged and here, his princess is still not out. Shaking his head he open the door, but the next moment his eyes popped out and his breath caught in his throat with the sight in front of him.




Geet was standing in front of the mirror looking out of world, simply like an angel. His eyes got glued to her. Admiring her beauty. Geet saw him from the mirror and turn around to face him. Maan look at her angelic face from near, gorgeous.

Geet find him lost, so shook his shoulder to bring him to world. Maan jerk away his thought and look at her making baby face looking at him and then the dress.


He looks at frowning. She so ready then why is she not coming out? Geet if you are ready, then why are you not coming down? She made a face and look down. I feel so heavy Maan. I have never worn these kinds of cloths. I’m quiet sure I’m looking very ugly. She looks down sadly. He suppressed a smile seeing her making cute faces. Holding her shoulder he pulls her chin. You’re looking very beautiful geet. She blushed smiling. Ok now. Come. Let’s go down, all are waiting. She again made face.

Maan, I’m not able to walk in this heavy lehenga. He smile bolding her hand.Fine come. I will hold you. She smiles looking at their hands. You sure Na you will not leave me. He look at her eyes, there was some hope in her eyes, he feels so happy to find her starring at him with so much hope. Tightening the hold on her hand he sweetly says. I will never ever leave you geet. I promise. She smiles finally agreeing to go.




Both made their way down holding each other’s hands. The engagement was announced. Ajay and anjali exchanged the ring. Anjali was blushing, and smiling. Mohinder announced their marriage after two weeks. Geet and Maan went to them. Geet hug anjali and ajay. Congrats bhai and bhabhi. I’m so happy for both of you. Soon I’m going to have a great company at home. Anjali smiled at her. Ajay spoke to her. Well geet, must say, my gudiya is looking most beautiful today. She smiles widely kissing his cheek.Thanx bhai, you know Maan bought it for me. She said holding Maan arm tight. He smiled looking at her excited face. Anjali noted both of them, the look of Maan eyes toward geet and possessive hold of geet around his arm. She smiled sensing something must be going on.




Precap: Maan trying to jealous geet.


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