loving laments

15 Jun



Any brother will behave like this when someone will behave so harsh to his sister in front of him. His thought went to the dreadful day, the day which changed everything, which snatched his geet from him just because of his stupid ego. The day when he humiliated her, in front of all others.  That day, what if he would have thought calmly, and could stop the things from happening.




Maan entered the mansion and saw all were sitting in the hall; he ignored all and started walking to his room when a voice stops him. Maan, where were you? I asked you to be home early today. It was naam karan of Khushi. He sighed turning to her, totally frustrated by her continues taunting. What’s the need? I already know her name. Brij stood up and went to him. Don’t you love your child, that you are doing all this to them. Geet come toward them. Please bhaiya, let us talk.


Brij look down shaking his head. Geet turn to maan. Maan why are behaving so weird since our marriage, what happened to you?


What happened to me? No geet. What happened to you? It’s you who is changed, it’s you who is now a day’s always behind me, always taunting me. Not letting me in piece.


Geet stood there shocked. By his sudden outburst.Maan, my intentions are not to hurt you, I just want you to know your responsibilities. For god sake she is your daughter. Don’t be so careless, at least toward her.


Oh, so you’re trying to say I don’t love you both. I’m running away. Wow geet.


Dad spoke up. Maan, don’t forget she is your wife. Brij came in-between. Why are you saying this to him uncle, he will never understand anything. I knew it before he can never ever make my sister happy.

Maan shot an angry glare at geet. They both know, they never have let anyone talk about their relation. Mom came to Maan. Maan, you will not go out with your friend anymore. Geet cut her off. Please mom. Let us talk; no one will interfere between us now.
She known things was getting more wrong, if she will not stop they will get worse. Everyone is already angry with him, he was frustrated. Can do anything at that moment. She was having some strange feelings, Maan never have talked to her like this. Even if she tells him whatever he would never take it seriously. That’s what she was afraid of; she knew things will get mess one day. But was not having any power to face it. She will die if anything went wrong. She can’t tolerate his hatred. The thing, to which she was already scared of, scared to see him like this.



I’m not saying you to stop meeting your friends. The only thing I want is… but he cut her off. What Han? What do you want from me? What else you want geet.

It hit her very hard, how can he say like this. She never needed anything from him. Why is he behaving like this? Here she is trying to sort out things, but he is making everything more complicated.
Maan was enough with her words; he was fed up with nonstop words from his family. The thing which was suffocating him was the geet who always helped him. Supported him is now also against him. How can she say all these things in front of everyone?



Khushi started to cry a loud with all the noises. Brij came to geet. That’s enough now. You will not stay here anymore.

Geet eyes popped out. Bhaiya. He cut her. No geet. Not anymore. Go and pack your bags. You will stay with us. I can’t let you with this man anymore. She jerks herself away from him. How can you say that bhaiya? I love Maan, I can’t live without him. He is my life. How could you.


But your life is not less mess with him. Dad spoke. Geet was shocked. How can they even think like this, no. she will never ever do anything like that? No dad. No. I can’t leave him.


Maan stood there listening to all of them. His hand becomes fist, listening to them. So they want her to stay away from me, they want her to live happy. They think I’m making her life mess.

Go geet, go from here.

The voice made her heartbeat stop. Her heart shattered in two million peices, when Maan spoke most dreadful words to her. He knows she can’t deny him. How can him. Holding his collar tight she asks him. What did you say? He looks at her eyes. Go from here. Leaving his collar she put her hand on her mouth, how could he.


She ran to her room not able to stand the moment anymore, even Khushi voice didn’t came to her ear. The only thing she could ear was his voice, telling her to leave, leave him. Leave their house. Everything.


The whole night she cried, Maan came to their room late night. And silently slept in sofa. Her heart ache more seeing him sleeping away from her. She made Khushi sleep with her crying eyes.


When the morning light hit his eyes, he opened them. It took time for him to adjust the view. He was feeling something, like something was lost, something snatched away from him. With heavy heart he turns to see geet, say her sorry for his behavior. He was harsh last night. He didn’t want to say that but things were so messed up that moment. But when he saw the bed, there was only Khushi lying on bed. Wanting to her he cares her hair, silently saying sorry to her. Suddenly his eyes caught the letter beside her. Frowning he took the letter and read it.

His hear founded out of his chest. Geet left him, she left her Maan. She took his words so seriously. He went mad searching for her in one long year, but then he decided to make himself what she always want him. It took him three years to hold the business. Now he is what she wants but the only thing is left. Is geet. When will she be with him…?






Precap: Maan angry on brij.



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Posted by on June 15, 2011 in ~LOVING LAMENTS~


One response to “loving laments

  1. Jyoti

    June 15, 2011 at 11:54 AM

    so it was maan who drove her away by saying those things…
    cant believe it….
    poor geet…the one that she loved asked him to go away…
    n how can she say no to him…
    continue soon…


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