forever with you

15 Jun



Once they reached there he made her lie down. Sleep for some time. Not having any power to argue, she was truly feeling week. She closed her eyes and slept. He kissed her forehead, put the blanket on her and went out. He has to go back and collect the report; he has to be strong knowing what will be the report. But still hoping to hear some good news. He went and guided mom and Vicky to be with her when she will wake up and feed her. Vicky assured him that he will go and sit in their room. He thanked his little brother for helping him and went.




With his heavy heart, he again went to hospital, hoping for some good news. As he entered the cabin, the doctor greets him and told him to have a seat. Mr. Khurana. I will not waste your time. The report has arrived and I read them. He holds his breath. Well. You have one bad news, but also good news. He let go of his breath. As you said me the medication, given to your wife had made her like this. But your wife is lucky that she is only in her second stage. Maan gave him a confusing look. Does it mean she can be treated doctor? He asked with glimpse of happiness in his eyes. Calm down Mr. Khurana, I didn’t say that. And the bad news is that your wife cannot be cured.


What do you mean doctor?

Mr. khurana, she cannot be cured. But yes, the pain can be reduce, and it will help to bring her again in her first stage which means that she will rarely have attack, which will not be so painful. Maan sat silent listening to each word patiently. Your wife has very slow blood circulation, her health is also not as good and that’s the only reason she is not able to control the pain. The only remedies are the calcium and iron which should be build up in her body. Giving him a receipt he says. There is the medication she should take. Avoid every medication she was taking before and start them. If she has enough energy to fight with her pain then the pain will slow down as time passes.

Maan nodded his head looking at the receipt. And one more thing. Please avoid any pressure, her blood pressure should be normal, one hard attack can destroy everything. She can become worst. So be careful.


He was somewhere happy; finally her pain can be reduced. He smiled and assured doctor that he will be careful.




He came to mansion. Passing through the dining table he stopped by Vicky voice, turning around to him. Vicky came to him. What happen bro? How was the report? Maan look down for some time and then sighed, the doctor said she cannot be cured but the pain can be reducing. And it will make her pain slowdown. Vicky felt him being down. Hugging him he says. It’s a good news bro. we already knew there will be no cure. But see, she will not feel the pain so hardly Na. it’s a best part. Moving back he holds his shoulder. C’mon now cheer up, and go. Your love is waiting for you for long.

Smiling he move to go to his room, somewhere he felt light after Vicky words, he was right. It is good news. Smiling slightly he open the door and find geet standing in front of cupboard and trying to reach above column to take something. Moving to her, he holds her waist tight helping her to move up.



She jerked by sudden touch, but when felt it’s him she smile and continue looking. When she found what she wanted, taking the box she looks down at him. He understood and let her down. She turns to him moving her arm around his neck while his hands lock around her waist.



When did you come? He kissed her cheek. Just now. What were you looking at? She smiled moving back showing him the box.Remember, you gave me this sari in our second day of marriage. He smiles nodding his head. So, I will wear it tomorrow, she said looking at the sari but suddenly look up to him.You remember Na, that tomorrow we are going out. He smiles kissing her lips slowly. Nibbling them. She sighed in his mouth moving her hand to his hair, brushing them. He slowed down and softly kisses her moving back. Her eyes caught the packet in his hand.You went to hospital? What was the result? She asked curiously holding his shirt tight. He put his hand on her cheek. You will have to take these medicines, avoid your previous medication. No skipping. He said firmly. She smiled nodding her head and kisses his nose.

. Maan, I’m so excited about tomorrow. We will go where ever I want; you know I have already made a plan. She said excitedly holding his waist tight smiling widely. He was happy to see her back. Her full smile, finally her happiness her found in her eyes too.



Hmm. We will go where ever you want. But right now, you have to give me what I want. She looks at him confusingly. What you want? She asked innocently. He smiled and eyed to her lips, which make her understand his mind. She smiled naughtily and start moving back whiles her move toward her. Soon she felt her back hit the cupboard and Maan fix her in-between. Coming more close to her lips. She smile closing her eyes, his breath fall on her lips, soon his lips brushed her lightly.moving his hand to her waist, slowly moving up to her churve slightly touching them above her cloths. she sighed bringing him more close. loving the effect he gave to her. soon his hand went under her sari, feeling her skin, carssing his hand on her stomach moving up to her breast, carssing them slightly. she arched back making fist on his hair.

Suddenly there was knock on the door. Rolling his eyes he move back and put his head on hers. She giggled at her.


Moving away she opens the door to find Vicky. He smiles at her.Bhabhi can I talk to you in my room. Geet frowned looking at his face. Turning to Maan, he also gave her a confusing look. What’s wrong Vicky? Vicky smiled uncomfortably. Nothing bro. it’s just. Wanted to talk to bhabhi for while. Geet look at him and says.Fine Vicky. Let’s go. With that both went out leaving a confusing Maan behind.




Precap: what Vicky wants to say?


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  1. dia

    June 15, 2011 at 7:37 PM

    she can never be cured …

    pls come up with some solution,

    wonder whats vicky has to say???

    Beautiful part!!!

    loved it …awesome!!!


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