loving laments

14 Jun



Sam and maa stood outside seeing all the things there was tears in both of them eyes, I hope geet come soon. Sam looks at her. Everyone was in pain. She looks at Khushi. How can geet leave her own daughter, how can a mother leave such a small child behind. How can she be so cruel, so blind? How can a mother leave her own child? She did not like it; it was all because of her that all are in pain. And she must be somewhere living happily; away from everything… she wanted to find her soon, at whom all other lives are depending…




Papa, it’s so good.  Exclaimed khushi sitting in the swing. Maan smiled sitting in a chair and watching his daughter. He left Sam in home wanting to spend some time with Khushi alone and knowing Khushi won’t like her to be here. He love this place, the place where he and geet played in their childhood, they have walked miles at night when Maan won’t feel sleeping. Their little romancing session would hold here. He chuckled remembering…


Geet. Stop. Geet, he shouted running behind her while she ran laughing at him. After running long he caught her hand and turns her but both slipped and thud down the ground, Maan top of geet. Both breathing heavily. He moves to her face gently kissing her cheek to jaw. See, there’s no point to run from me. You will lose. She smiles tightening the grip on his waist. I would love to lose anything for you. He smiles kissing her lips. Moving back she says. Now move, its village and someone can see us.


I don’t care.

Really, hmm. What if maa sees us?

I don’t care.

Fine then, let me call bhaiya. He gave her an angry glare. She giggles at him, why you bring your stupid brother between us? She chuckled, I just hate him. Always telling you to stay away from me. She smiled at him. He looks at her and melt instantly, moving down he start kissing her neck. Maan move, someone will come. He didn’t listen but continuous coming down to her collarbone removing her dupatta nibbling her skin. She tried to stop him knowing they won’t be able to hold themselves, and the place is not safe. Suddenly she spoke up. Bhaiya. Maan eyes popped up. He instantly moved away and stood, looking here and there, but there was no one. He turns to geet and finds her laughing at him. Geet ki bachi, tujhe main chorunga nahi. With that he ran behind her and she ran from him continuously laughing hard.



He smiled remembering their sweet moments; he wants to live them again. Looking up to Khushi, she was smiling just like geet. Going to her he stops her. Baby, let’s go somewhere else. She pouts looking at him. Papa, it’s so much fun here. I want to be here. He smiles kneeling down to her. Do you want to eat an ice-cream? She gasped in surprise. Ice-cream. Yummy, yes papa. Please. He takes her in his arm and went to give her an ice-cream. She ate ice-cream, putting it all over her face, if geet will see her like this, she will kill him. Khushi ate it making mess all around her and as well Maan, they remained out whole day, and he took her every single place where he and geet went.


He came home late evening; Khushi slept keeping her head on his shoulder. Sam and maa stood seeing both of them, maa smiled at him taking Khushi from his arms. What have she done. Ufho Maan. He tried taking her but even in her sleep she didn’t let go of him and hold him tight, mumbling to be with him. It’s ok maa; I will change her dress and make her sleep. Sam says. She can sleep in my room sir.

No Sam. It’s ok. She will be with me.

With that he went to his, or says geet room. It was late when he heard brij voice from down, putting the blanket over Khushi he went out closing the door, not wanting to disturb Khushi sleep.

You know how much I hate him maa,

brij yelled to maa. Brij please, slow down. He will hear. She said trying to calm him down. Good. It’s good he hear. I just hate him maa, how can you forgive him. After so much he did to geet, how can you. Maa eyes filled up. I know beta, but he too suffering. He loves her. He is changed brij.

I don’t care maa, I really don’t. I can never forget the day when he humiliated my sister in front of all of us. You can forget everything maa, but I can’t. I just can’t. I can’t forget the tears of my sister maa. With that he pushes the lamp on floor, going from there. Maan stood there listening all of it. He turns to his room and stood at the window. Brij was right; he shouldn’t be forgiving so easily. He knows he have done wrong. He was right to behave like this to him.



Any brother will behave like this when someone will behave so harsh to his sister in front of him. His thought went to the dreadful day, the day which changed everything, which snatched his geet from him just because of his stupid ego. The day when he humiliated her, in front of all others.  That day, what if he would have thought calmly, and could stop the things from happening.



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