forever with you part 41

13 Jun


After a long time, Maan was lying on her, hearing her rapid heartbeat. Tracing his finger on her belly. We have to go tomorrow morning.  She brushes his hair. I’m scared Maan. He moved up and looks at her, kissing her lips gently, he moves to her neck, smelling her sweet scene.  I’m with you. Everything going to be ok.  He looks at her for some time and then spoke.I love you. She smiles holding his neck bringing him close.  I love you too.  She whispered and brought him to her neck, holding her waist he close his eyes. Both slept holding eacothers.



Geet was getting ready in front of mirror, adjusting her sari, but in nervousness she was unable to wear it properly. Frustrated she throws it in bed and sat on her chair, keeping her hands on her face. Maan came inside fully ready and find her sitting in the chair and the sari in bed. Going to her he kneel down her removing her hands slowly and find her face full of tears. Mishti. She hug him tight sitting down, I’m so scared. He rubs her back finding her shivering with fear. Slowly brushing her hair he tries to calm her down. It’s going to be ok. Trust me. You will be fine.

I can’t wear this sari.

It’s ok. I’ll help you. Wiping her tears he make her stood up, and took the sari, and make her wear it, she only stood and do what he says. Finishing it, he pin the pallu and again bring her in his embrace. She keeps her head on his chest holding his waist tight. He holds her for some time. He himself was scared but didn’t want to show her when she is so stressed. After some time he moves away kissing her forehead. Let’s go.  She inhaled a long breath nodding her head. You know, it’s only because of you I’m doing it. He smiles and kisses her cheek. I know honey. And trust me, everything going to be fine. Holding her waist he takes her out of the room.


Coming out she find all others waiting for them. Annie came and hugs her.All the best bhabhi, come back soon. Geet smile and nodded. Vicky came and hugs her.I’m sure all going to be well. Just trust bro. mom came to her and she takes her blessing, she put her hand on her head. Always be happy and well. Kissing her forehead she let her go. Finally both went out and sat in the car.


Geet hold his hand tight, still nervous. He cares her hand and kissed it many time, soothing her, calming her down with his sweet words.You know mishti, tomorrow is Sunday. And we will spend our all day out. She looks at him and only smile. We will go where ever you want; he said again kissing her hand.


They reached the hospital, geet turn to him, he smiled and assured her, both entered holding eacothers hands. He took her to the cabin where the doctor was already waiting for them. Seeing them he stood up and forwards his hand. Maan shook his hand to him. Hello Mr. and Mrs. Khurana. It’s really an honor to meet you, I was waiting for you. Come sit. Both sit down. So Mrs. Khurana, how are you? He asked with gentle voice. Geet smile. I’m fine doctor.

Good, as being yourself a phsycatrist, you know what test you have to go through. Geet nodded her head. Hmm. The nurse will take you to the room, you please wait there. I will be there soon. The nurse beside the doctor tells them to follow her. Both went to the room, it was a dim room, with lots of machines. Nurse came to her. Madam please changes to this gown. She takes the gown and went to change it. After coming out, she saw Maan waiting out for her. Taking her hand he makes her lie in the bed slowly. Sitting beside her in the bed stroking her head. She takes his hand and keeps it to her heart. Be brave, ok. She only nodded in nervousness. The doctor came to the room. Mr. khurana, will you please wait outside for some time. Geet hold on his hand got tightened in fear. He turn to her, his own heartbeat become fast at that moment, moving down he gently kiss her forehead, eyes, cheek and then her lips.I’m just out there. Not so far. He hugged her close, moving away he again kiss her forehead and finally stood up.



Maan was pacing outside, it was nearly half hour. What taking them so long. Sitting down the bench he ran his fingers on his hair. Closing his eyes. Suddenly the doctor comes out. He stood up. The check up went quiet well. The result will be out after sometime. Keeping his hand on Maan shoulder he assured him. You wife is fine now. She will feel little week, but its normal. You can take her home. With that he went. Maan turn to the room and went inside finding geet looking at the ceiling. Going to her he sat beside her. The moment she look him, she tried to get up and hug him, but her body didn’t let her. She winced in pain holding her head. Slow, slow. It’s ok. I’m here. Stroking her hair he kisses her lips and smiled. You still tasting good. She chuckled lightly. I love you. Although her voice was so low that he didn’t hear it, but he smiled knowing what she said.We will be home after some time. She nodded closing her eyes. He knew she was feeling low. Gently helping her to sit up, the nurse gave a glass of juice to which she made a face and look at Maan. Holding her shoulder her bring her in his embrace.Come-on, just drink a little. You need energy. He took the glass and brings it to her lips. She took little sip, he waited patiently, for her to finally finish the drink. Finishing the drink he wipes her mouth and helps her to stand up. Holding her hand and shoulder with other hand he made her walk outside slowly.


Making her sit in the car he went to his seat and start the car, she keeps her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes. He kissed her head and start driving. When they reached the mansion Vicky was already waiting for them. The moment he saw them he went to Maan, bro take bhabhi inside. I will park the car. Mom also made light food for her. Maan nodded and went to help geet to their room, once they reached their he made her lie down. Sleep for some time. Not having any power to argue, she was truly feeling week. She closed her eyes and slept. He kissed her forehead, put the blanket on her and went out. He has to go back and collect the report; he has to be strong knowing what will be the report. But still hoping to hear some good news. He went and guided mom and Vicky to be with her when she will wake up and feed her. Vicky assured him that he will go and sit in their room. He thanked his little brother for helping him and went.


hope you like it.
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i know its becoming sad, but please have faith on me.

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4 responses to “forever with you part 41

  1. Jyoti

    June 13, 2011 at 1:51 PM

    CONGRATS on the blog…
    loved the update….
    finally the check up is done…
    hope the reports also come out fine…
    continue soon…

    • zoha25

      June 13, 2011 at 3:28 PM

      thnx sweety..

  2. seherf

    June 13, 2011 at 3:51 PM

    i like ur all ff its nice
    please seet ko theek krdena kuch met krna geet ko

  3. Padma Priya

    June 13, 2011 at 4:39 PM

    Lovely update. Can’t wait to know about the reports. Continue soon yaar.


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